We lack the awareness that we posses a Soul. Early in childhood we lost contact with it under the influence of patterns imposed on us by authority figures: family, school, and friends. We're always looking to external models to help us become attractive, to awaken admiration. After many years we become aware of the reality that we have achieved nothing and have changed our masks so many times that we have forgotten our true face. At this point we try to touch our true self in what is called a midlife crisis. We begin to feel the need to recover something real inside ourselves, something that has not changed over the years, something that is hidden behind the masks of trying to fit in and playing a role. What is our soul? When we come back to it after long years of absence, we see what it really looks like: it is exhausted, dirty, full of the scars of former relationships, loss, separations, filled with pain, sorrow, tears, nostalgia and indifference. Then we see that the soul just as our physical body has collected all the pain of our lives and needs just as much help. We understand that everything we did before was against it, because we did not let it speak. Such situations are common in our lives.

Every person at some point in their lives regains contact with their soul. Very often this happens in the last 15 minutes of their lives.

We can try to do this much sooner, we just have to want to do this, to wish, to yearn to be brave enough to feel its pain. To see what our life really looks like and to look at it with a clarity of judgment. The Soul?s pain is real, authentic, and it tears us away from the illusion that everything is ok. At this point we see the painlessness and emptiness of our lives, and we begin to understand that our soul needs help, and maybe even to heal its wounds. Our soul is one of the organs of our energy body, which we need to take care of. It needs our attention and interest.

When we experienced a traumatic situation in our lives, or when fear, pain, or horror gathered for years and slowly filled us with sadness and suffering, we can be sure that pain means our soul left us. It can leave us to go to the astral plane. At this point we need someone to help us find it, to clean its house which is in our heart and filled with so much pain. Cleaning the soul?s house happens rarely. It?s difficult for us to imagine not cleaning our own houses for a year, but can we imagine the energetic imbalance after 40 years of not cleaning?

The home of the soul needs to be clean, we can not allow for it to be filled with dirty negative emotions, such as: anger, jealousy, or stupidity. We should learn how to take care of not just our body, but also about the cleanliness of the home of our soul so that we can again understand its worth. In this goal we must learn how to control our emotions and not allow for them to take up our whole life.

Since thousands of years people have known the antidote for the poisoning of our minds. The medicine for anger is love, for stupidity, knowledge, for jealousy, the urge to give. Today few people make the effort to use these medicines. For many years we treat our emotions by allowing them to dominate until finally they take control of our entire lives. Thus making our Soul unclean and lowering its energetic vibrations.

This creates for us a serious problem which we haven?t faced until now to this great degree. The soul of man with such low vibrations gets taken away. These hijackings are becoming the epidemic of our world. For thousands of years people have had wisdom about the ingredients which our soul is made of such as earth, water, fire, air and space. People who feed on our souls take away from them their most subtle ingredient of fire- which is our activity, air-which is our creative ability, our openness. People who use these on a daily basis are able to feel their loss. The soul after it has been taken from us never again will be the same. After some time it will be returned to its owner, but raped, wounded and deformed. It will again and again try to regain its characteristics because it has the ability to regain its lost elements. After some time it will again be taken away and again raped. If this happens often then in the meantime it loses forever its ability to rebuild these elements.

The loss of elements which make up the soul causes lasting changes on the mental, spiritual, emotional, as well as the physical level. The loss of the fire element causes problems in digestion and the ability to regulate the body?s temperature; it also causes drowsiness and stupor. The loss of the air element blocks energy flow within the body, causing the increase of jealousy and a negative mind set. The loss of the space element decreases the will to live, causing a lessening in the strength of will and determination, causing thoughts to be dulled and awakening anger in the heart and causing criticism.

If we don?t do anything abort this, if we allow our soul to lower its vibrations and allow for it to be robbed, then in the next life we are born with these delinquencies which we were unable to fulfill in this life. At this point we arrive in the world with sicknesses: thru the loss of the fire these will be problems with digestion; thru loss of space there be problems pertaining to the heart, loss of memory and early death. Coming into this world without a certain element may cause changes in our ability to use our senses in the following ways: lack of fire causes loss of taste, lack of air causes loss of smell, lack of space causes loss of sight. When we are born with a loss of the element of fire at the level of our soul, we are filled with greed, when we lack the element of air we have an increase in pride and arrogance, when there is a lack of space we are filled with anger and hatred.

In today?s world there is an obsession with the body. Money which we spend on our external appearance is unequally greater than the amount we spend to take care of the state of our soul.

If right now we don?t take care of our soul and allow for it to dwell in low vibrations, then anger, pride, arrogance, hatred and greed will become the dominant feelings within our society.

Currently in the world there are big changes which are linked to the overlapping of the upper and lower astral planes over human beings. This shows that the world which is dominated by angels as well as the world dominated by demons has never before been so close to people. Their influence on us all is increasing all the time. This can be seen after the increasing amount of transmissions and channeling which in an overwhelming majority of cases arise from the lower astral plane. The border between these worlds travels through the soul of every person and we are responsible for the choice on which side we want to be. We do not have any other choice. We must make a decision.

Taking care of our soul depends on avoiding lower vibrations and lifting it to higher levels filling it with light, peace, and joy. We can avoid this by not allowing for the abduction and stealing from the soul.

The time has come to stand on the side of our soul, to understand it, accept it and to eliminate excessive pain and dirt. It is time to take this responsibility for how it looks, feels, it?s vibrations, for as long as we live in harmony with depends on how safe it feels with us.

To stand on the side of the soul means to accept our own divinity. We do not need to have faith in a far away and unreachable god. We only need the experience of feeling divinity which is within us.

At this point we are no longer able to search for the reasons of our suffering on the outside. We need to stop blaming the world for the sadness which we have encountered in life. We create our own world either following our soul or not. If we understand this we will be able to survive every epidemic.

Aleksander Deyev