For thousands of years, shamans around the world engaged in practices related to the soul. They retrieved the souls that have escaped from people to the "upper" or "lower" world, torn souls they "glued" together, or they retrieved them when they were stolen.

With the development of civilizations problems with our souls have not disappeared, they have probably even intensified, even though matters pertaining to the soul have been effectively forced out of our consciousness. Very few people are willing to do the work of the ?shaman?. One of the people willing is Aleksander Deyev, the therapist of the soul. For many years he has been engaged in practices connected with spiritual healing.


-- What exactly do you do?

AD: I focus on working with the soul, because it is the most forgotten and neglected field of healing. I treat the soul like an organ, which is linked to our entire life; changes in our soul affect our physical health and development. Accustomed to taking care of the body, for example when we lose a kidney, we feel as if a personal tragedy has happened and we put our health in the hands of the best specialists. When our eyesight or hearing deteriorates, we look for help, and often even panic. When we lose our sole we are not even aware of it.

-- And then what happens? How can you recognize it? 

AD: All the events of our lives have a huge impact on our soul. Most lose the soul while experiencing great emotional pain, illness, a sudden accident, or rape, when we are in these or similar situations we become overwhelmed with fear.

The soul moves in the three worlds: upper, central (it physically lives here) and the lower. Each movement, up, or down, causes different effects in our life. When the soul has a good relationship with God, it gets as close as possible to him, feels good, is healthy. The side effect is that the soul forgets about the person that it is attached to. Then that person can feel indifferent, lacking in his/her life?s purpose and therefore can not realize life?s goals. When the soul escapes to the lower world, it thinks that it has been punished by God, is no longer loved and has become indifferent to him. It has a huge feeling of anger towards God, and flees from him as far as possible. Sometimes it runs away and comes back to him when the pain and anger goes away. However, if it goes too far it can not come back. It then is in what is called the ?dirty astral?, a hostile and toxic environment. After some time it becomes mutilated, exhausted and full of dirty energy. But it still stays connected with the person who partly feels its pain, partly because would be unbearable for a person to feel all of the soul. The pain is dulled by its distance, and such a person feels constant discomfort and irritation, he looks for physical problems that could be responsible for the problems in his life. The lower the soul is, the greater the pain it feels, this is the dirty world of the beings who reside in the astral. The shaman must recover the soul and return it to the owner. He must first of all prepare a home for the soul in the heart of a person, second of all ? he has to cure the soul.

-- You used the word shaman?

AD: Yes, a shaman or spiritual therapist, it's just a name, in fact, the idea is the same. I draw from shamanic traditions and use a lot of them, but my job is very different. I do not do rituals, bonfires, and I do not smoke nor play the drums. I do not need much time. I'm focused, my assistance often takes a few minutes and there is nothing spectacular to see.

-- It's true, but sometimes people expect something visually amazing.

AD: They can then go to the theater or the cinema. I work at the level of the soul, physical tools are not useful there. You could say that I am just an instrument in God's hands.

-- What's with this "gluing" of the soul, which shamans deal with?

AD: In the spiritual world it is a fairly common phenomenon. It occurs when we are very strongly attached to someone, or desire someone very much, and this person leaves. Then we give him a piece of our soul, or he/she takes it from us. When a person goes through situations that are very strong emotionally the soul suffers. A part of our soul stays in a given place or with a given person. The same is true when someone close to us dies, not always of course, but if we can not come to grips with the death, we try to keep the person with us even though it goes against the reality. We do not allow the soul to leave; we harm it this way as well as harming ourselves. A person who does not have a complete soul is never able to be fulfilled in life, he never realizes his goals. The shaman must look for and then collect the missing pieces of the soul, sometimes going to places where the soul has resided in different lives, then connect all the pieces together.

-- Here you can see clearly how the roles of a therapist and shaman interpenetrate and complement each other. It is difficult specify their differences. But we have not talked yet about souls getting ?kidnapped?. It fills me with horror.

AD: And rightly so. Kidnapped souls are the biggest problem with which I have met recently. It has always existed, it's true. However, in the past the most common reason for the kidnapping was a conflict with non living beings, a karmic conflict (these creatures come to settle accounts, if they kidnap our soul it is their highest goal). Now the problem has grown much, much larger. Our souls are abducted by powerful beings from lower dimensions. They have their reasons, to kidnap souls, steal their qualities and properties. They do this sometimes repeatedly. That soul is then returned, but robbed, it is much poorer. After some time it regains its properties and quality, but less and less, after several such kidnappings it can not regenerate anymore.

-- Can you prove it? What happens then?

AD: People feel a tremendous loss of energy then, they lose it through the bottom of their body through their feet, become depressed, withdrawal from life, become overcome by grief and a sense of emptiness. The most visible symptoms are: mood swings, temper tantrums, the strengthening of negative emotions, these symptoms worsen, then disappear.

-- Why does the soul have such value for us, so why strive for it?

AD: People really do not attach importance to it, and yet our soul is a part of God, this piece gives us a chance to have a piece of God in our lives. The soul is something exceptional and extraordinary; it is part of the Divine. Without the soul in our life we are separated from God. It is our mobile phone to God, we must only have the correct frequency and signal strength. When we begin to understand what the soul is and what it can give us in life, we begin to understand that it is our guide, our friend, it is unique and perfectly suited to us. (How to understand the soul can be read in article: "8 Steps to God.") Our only purpose is to support the soul while we search for God. This search does not depend on whether we are good parents, children, husbands, wives, employees, or employers. It depends on the effort that we put into the understanding of the fact that God is a being in us, and His role in our lives. This gives us the feeling that we have always been part of him and never far away from him.

-- You treat, help heal souls, so you can say that you are a professional shaman? How did you decide to do this?

AD: Yes, if you mean a ?professional? by something that one does every day. Every day people come to me, whose souls cry out for help. I have no choice, I help because I see the problem and know what to do. It is not at all a matter of choice, sometimes I would prefer not to see everything, because it is not nice or pleasant, sometimes it can be dangerous. The prize is for me one: when a person starts to feel that he has a soul and that it lives its own life and independently. When a person realizes that the cause of all the negative things in life comes from a lost soul. When a person realizes that he is the only one that must be able to interact and live with his soul.

It is hard work and you can say ?a dirty job?, but the rest belongs to you, each person is individually accountable to themselves for the love that nourishes their soul.

Aleksander Deyev