In the majority, when I ask people about the point of their lives, they start to talk of family, job, relationships, child-
rearing, etc. – it means they have plenty of intents.

Nevertheless, they aren’t genuine and hearty at all. There is
only one, pretty forgotten purpose of life, that gives birth to
any others growing from it. This abandoned and extinct one is
the regaining of the intimate connection with the Soul in our
life. If we succeed in making it real, any other points turn out
and work out as well.

The purpose of our life is not work, not family, neither
uplifting a house nor earning money. Our given up purpose of
life is always to recover the Soul. If we do succeed, we may
earn money, uplift houses, make families, and any of these
activities will come off marvelously. These will be happy
families, smart children, excellent occupations and works and well-being generally.

If we don’t regain the Soul, any other longing and seeking for
won’t be successful definitively, as we’ll accomplish and fulfil
ourselves in no job, no relationship, no family, no parenting,
no relation with our own parents, neither a social task nor any
other. Our Soul is the purpose, the way and the road
simultaneously, at the same time. There is no past, no future
for it, but only present. This is the only condition, the one state
it recognizes. And we permanently try ourselves to fill it up
with the pain of the past or the fear of the future.

The focusing on the nowness will enable us to feel the
attendance of the soul and to touch it. It starves for our joy of
the present moment, our accepting ourselves and the life. We
may help through realizing and meeting our own imperfection
and accepting the possibilities of making mistakes.
We are actually never able to leave our forgotten path
completely, though we often do try. We may give it up for a
while, forego the aim, lose ourselves. But the final
destination that our soul desires to achieve, is the moment
we can’t absolutely tell the difference and divide when we
end ourselves and The Source (God) begins. And vice-versa.

Alexander Deyev