It escapes when can abide and carry us no more. It has deeply enough of our pain, our shout, anger, our
frustration, weakness, fears, delusions and etc. It just can't endure the excess, the overload of suffer we create
ourselves in life.

We live through our pain, unsuccessful relationships, messed up and hurtful relations with parents and with
children, with our employer and employees, with our debts, credits, our fears of the future, anxiousness of
illnesses, solitude, old age, poverty and anything comparable. We fill ourselves up with vast quantities of pain
and anguish. Our soul cannot forbear and hold it on.

It runs away from the heaviness of dirty energies in the direction we are open to. If we aren't open to God, if we
don't search for any support from here, it runs straight to the bottom. The more of pain and sufferance we
cumulate in our life, the farther the soul moves away from us; we get dishearted, discouraged with life, and the
soul turns away even farther, and then it leaves too far. When it is no longer able to come back itself, it's just
grabbed, becoming the property of someone else, somebody simply high-jacks it and even uses the energy it is
filled up with. And this is not all. Adictionally the stranger uses our energy as well, as we are connected with the
soul continually. All the time we are merged with the soul. The insatiable being starts to pull the energy down
through our soul. This sometimes lasts years, decades.

The permanent expiry of the energy causes that we miss it for anything. For health, for joy, for the will to live, for
love - lots of people live this way. The phenomenon I describe on my website I call ''the outbreak of abductions of souls''. From some time I've been observing huge intensification of such cases. There are many people that have
had their souls hung, ''suspended'' pretty deeply in the low astral.

Alexander Deyev