We live completely unaware of having Souls. We lost contact with them early in childhood under the
influence of patterns imposed by 'authorities': family, school, friends, literature, films, theories of spiritual

We permanently search for external standards to help us to become attractive, to arouse the
admiration in others' eyes. As years pass by we realize, that we've reached, achieved nothing and we've
used to change masks and fancy dresses so constantly, we can't even remember what our real face
looks like ... Who we really are...

And then we are trying to touch our real identity. Starting to feel the need to regain something inner, that
has not changed for all these years, something hidden under the disguise of playing, adapting.
Something unique that our Soul is.

When we are coming back to meet it after the long years of absence, we are forced to see how it really
looks like: it is exhausted, dirty, all in scars 'cause of our former relationships, losses, wastages, partings,
filled up with our pain, sadness, tears, yearning and indifference. Then we may see the Soul has
collected the entire pain of our life and it needs help the same as we do. We come to realizing, that
anything we've done until now has been heavy contrary to it, because we've never let it speak. Such
situations are ptetty common in our lives. This is actually what the world we live in looks like.

Alexander Deyev