The mankind has been now sitting the final exam in the spiritual evolution which is a part of the spiritual evolution
of the Universe. Any Soul approaching this test is starving for the contact with us, as it can take the exam only if
we are conscious and participate in with it.

For the Soul there is no world outside, we are the whole universe,
nothing apart does exist for it. It notices relations with other people, when they help us or harm, stays indifferent
to politics, business, success. It is interested in how in fact you are happy in this life. When we unite with the
Soul, we live as one with it, we reach understanding what actually the Soul expects from us.

Firstly, accept your excellence in all your imperfection. It is just to learn, how to make virtue of any one's defect.
Accepting one's uniqueness and the uniqueness in this world, stopping to fight against oneself every day, to
change oneself in order to please, to satisfy the others. We must remain ourselves any time, every moment of
our lives. Your soul wants it.

Secondly, accept the imperfection of the world in its excellence. When we accept ourselves, the imperfection of
other people stops to disturb us. The same regards to the world. When we accept its excellence, we stop focusing our attention only on its imperfection. We start to understand that everything has a reason and a
purpose of the existence, everything serves something, everything leads to something. The world is a wonderful
training ground for our growing up, our spiritual development, our evolution. When we meet these two conditions,
we already start seeing the possibility of happy living in this World and in this body. They let us stay happy in any
painful and difficult events which fill our world up every day. Your soul desires it.

Alexander Deyev