Natural spiritual selection is the main purpose of the experiment called ''matrix''. The software is used to be given
to persons having been''put down on the list". The list has been completed on the base of our 9 last incarnations'
observations, in at least 3 of them we have had to acomplish some definied conditions which I call being a good
person, it means

to keep the presence of God saved in one's Soul permanently, and the presence of the Soul in
one's heart as well, and to live in accordance with it, against the familiar, social, cultural, religious or national

Such persons are only about 30% of the current population, what still is a good result comparing the statistics of
previous experiments. People ''from the list'' aren't specially interested in so-called spiritual development,
because living accordingly with the voice of their hearts is for them the only possible way of living. The only
teacher for them is the voice of God coming deeply from inside of their Souls. It is very hard presently to find a
spiritual teacher having a real good connection with his Soul, following it. We live in the world, where about 70%
of the mankind has lost its Souls and this situation horrifies nobody.

Alexander Deyev