On every level the perfect health is something different. On the level of soul it is achieving the condition of long-
lasting happiness, when we are permanently joined and filled up with life. There aren't only beautiful moments
which everyone every now and then experiences from time to time.

It is happiness which doesn't cause the
addiction, you don't want more - you live. It is the balance with the energy of God, letting this energy for free
undisturbed flowing through our life, without fight, without addiction, without desire.

The understanding of this appears when we reject all old ideas which we have used to carry in our heads
(beliefs, ideologies) and we establish the own private relation with God. Not to be in contact with your own soul,
and with God through it, is real impairment and disability. All it happened in the moment, when we started to
search for God outside, then the soul stopped for us to exist, to be a value itself.

How is it possible to search for something what is always current? It isn't about the fact that God is hidden, or
somewhere hidden, he is fully approachable all the time, twenty-four hours a day. The main point is to turn to him
with face finally, to stop tutning with back. When we search for God outside, then we are turned with back; when
we search inside ourselves, we are turned to him with face.

There is only one "organ" needed for this - we search for God by soul. It is the only "organ" which lets us to meet
God, to touch him, to attach to him, to transmit on the appropriate frequency, on which he gets back, picks up.

The soul has been given to us by God for the purpose to communicate with him. It is a "mobile phone"given to us
billions of years ago and with words: "in every need use".

Alexander Deyev