We may influence changes in our life at different levels: of the body, the energy, the mind and the soul. Different
types of physical exercises, diets, massages are associated with the body. On the level of the energy there are
meditative practice, yoga or tai-chi. On the level of the mind - visualisations, mantras, affirmations, positive

These levels are generally known and exploited in different ways.

The most effective of them is the work on the level of mind consisting the ways' of thinking change. As a result of
the transformation of thinking, your energy is changing itself, and this energy is changing your body.

The work on the level of soul is already completely different reality; only here we cross the borders of our
previous possibilities. New depths and new levels, to which we haven't had any access earlier, opens. Acting
here is possible only then, when we are starting to understand our own soul and learning 'to touch' her, when it's
starting to become a real part of our life.

Such a work is opening the access to God and enables to use his energy. The more the soul becomes
developed, the higher vibrations it reaches and works on. Starting with the level of the body, every next is a work
with subtler energies. Only if we pass through them all, we'll reach the level of the Soul.

The soul is a clean lighting in the subtlest form and has always one purpose: to help us to achieve happy,
accomplished, affluent, balanced, healthy living in every our incarnation.

Alexander Deyev