Interview with Alexander Deyev.

Most people see the huge changes in the external world which is called the global transformation, wave or elevation. But few of them understand and feel that the core of these changes is inside each of us. The outside world is merely an emanation, reflection and projection of all that we have in ourselves. This is where a real change takes place. That and the role of the soul as the only connector with our God was a subject of my talk with Alexander Deyev. (Read more)

Hello Alexander! May you  first briefly tell something about yourself and what you do?

I have been living in Poland for 20 years. I am focused on soul therapy. In the past two years I was dealing with a very specific phenomenon called "awakening of the soul," which is based on the experience of the changes brought by the wave of transformational energy . It has been influencing our entire planet for about 10 years now, all its creatures and our Sun and the solar system.

You talk a lot about the soul and its role in the transformation process. The soul is a term sometimes interpreted very differently. What is the soul for you?

For me a soul is the center of our personal universe. All conscious beings in the universe have a soul, which is part of one soul joint that is what we call God. It is important to understand the soul as something perfect, passing through different lives, experiences, emotions, situations, different worlds, characters and all kinds of combinations of events, thus collecting experiences of a certain quality  which enrich the experience of the Creator himself.
The soul is permanently connected with God and is always perfectly matched with us. Stores the plans of our current life and plans for our past and future lives. Reading  these plans and the usage of this knowledge becomes possible when a permanent connection with our soul has been regained. The main goal of every soul is to achieve lasting happiness and balance, connection with people and God himself - HERE AND NOW! To implement the plan successfully soul, naturally, requires the connection with God, the ability to read the plans and the courage to achieve these goals, against any norms, social and behavior patterns of life adopted in your environment. Unfortunately most people surrender the social, family and often partner  pressure  and they give up being themselves to give satisfaction to others and more or less consciously resigning from the goal of their soul.

On your website you write about "Awakening of the Soul", by which theoretically anyone can go through. What do you mean?

I draw people's attention to the transformation and changes that are taking place not outside but inside each of us as our soul is the center of these changes. The energy driving these changes are waves of energy coming from the cosmos through our galaxy. This is a huge package of energy carrying the possibility of unimaginable evolutionary change for us in a very short time. This potential can only be used when we have specific programs which enable us to implement changes resulting in the transfer of the anchor of our consciousness from the 3rd to the 4th and the 5th density.

This means expansion of our energy body at higher densities with the ability to use on a daily basis the opportunities provided at these levels of existence.

What is this software indeed?

It is a collection of programs which enable us to increase to the maximum the vibration of our soul, which will have a huge impact on the functioning of our physical body, energetical body and our mind. One of the visible signs will be the increased activity of the brain.

What you need to do to get this software?

In order to receive this software a soul needs to achieve a specific vibration. The soul in this case acts like a computer processor that needs to run at specific intervals so that it can extract the software and then start using it.

So how do we achieve our soul vibration appropriate to use this software?

Just be a good person, live in harmony with ourselves, be kind to others, with balanced emotions and without fears, delusions and false beliefs, be open to the perfection of the world and themselves.

The software is obtained from the higher dimensions of existence, it is part of the divine plan which each of us can implement for the benefit of themselves and all humanity. Each of us can receive this software when they are ready- when they soul reached the proper vibration. It is therefore offer extended in time for the next  50 years on earth (so much time wave changes pass), so a large part of humanity will be able to achieve it.

What can be an obstacle to achieve this goal?

The biggest obstacle is the dispersion and loosing ourselves in hundreds of visions, prophecies, theories, speculations, empty information filling us with fear, uncertainty, helplessness and sometimes unfounded euphoria based on the belief that everything will happen on its own. I call it a smokescreen. It still draws our attention to the outside, not allowing us to take care of and focus on our real changes, and these should take place within us.

This smokescreen is only a part of the problem. The bigger problem is a phenomenon that I call "the kidnapping of the soul", which is related to the rapid reduction of the vibration of our soul and the deterioration of our life quality. It is a systemic action taken by certain creatures, which have for long been engaged in robbing us (vampirism, parasitism), but raising in their scale due to the waves and the intensity of these energies, especially in recent years.

You write very interesting things, but as you noticed yourself the vast majority of people is focused on and looking for answers outside themselves, drowning in the flood of often conflicting information. How do you want to convince them to take care of their own interior and development of their soul?

The answer is very simple: the situation itself and the changes in their lives will force them to do that. At this stage the job, high social status, material goods, or whatever filling out their lives will no longer suffice. If they do not regain a contact with their soul, they will lose contact with themselves and their own lives, so that everything they owe outside will lose its value. Losing the soul will result in a great emptiness, depression, a sense of futility of life, mood swings and bouts of aggression against the environment. In extreme cases, it will be revealed as a strong suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.
For balance I will add, however, that every soul can be regained, healed and filled with light and brought back to life.
I would love to emphasize that the essence of all these changes is the courage to reject all false stereotypes and limiting beliefs about the nature of God and our relationship with him. Our most important task is to create individual, unique, personal relationship with God, which we can use every day of our lives. We do not need any intermediaries in our contact with him. This opens the way to a truly full life leading to lasting happiness, which is the result of our internal changes.

How do you see your role in the upcoming changes?

At the beginning, I would like to say that throughout the whole process we are currently experiencing now, it is most important to realize that the ?final world ' visions are fabricated, and the flood of channeling remittances is also a kind of hysteria. All this confusion has one huge value - shows the number of threats that earth can face. For the first time humanity is aware of the seriousness of the situation, the first time we are aware of the risks and the great changes that are realistic and can happen. We have at least 10 versions of the apocalypse. 

And here I see a role for people like you who can awake a new idea in people?s minds. This is the idea of creating a New World Heart on a new level - 4 density. This is the emergency exit for humanity, a way to create the New Earth. The final humanity evacuation plan prepared in advance and executed during the transition wave ...