What I want to share with you it is the road to yourself;looking inside your inner self that brings universal and permanent healing of the body, energy, mind and above all the SOUL. This is the only way to skillful use of God?s universal energy. This energy is available to ALL - if you only open to itthrough your soul thus regaining your health, well-being and most importantly - HAPPINESS.

My journey in search of a universal healing began over 15 years ago. Helping myself and others to solve health problems, emotional, mental and life issues ... I understood one simple thing: each of us is in touch with the best and the greatesthealer of the World - this "person" is GOD. Only using his help we can get the universal treatment that solves all of our problems, ideally suited to us.

To find a lasting relationship with God we will have to fully understand and skillfully use the potential of our souls. My job is to help people to get back in touch with God - by healing the relationship with their own souls.

The effects of my help are very clearly visible - man findsinner peace, is freed from pain, suffering and fear. People experience full acceptance of themselves.

I find problems within man, for example, childhood blockages, soul?s wounds, in this or previous lives; or outside man, for example, energy vampirism in the family, work, neighborhood or possessions. I also bring the awareness that every person has the Soul; that we are actually the expression of our own Souls; and no particular faith or lack of it or denial have any impact on this fact. The Soul is there to guide us through life, in health, happiness and harmony, but we need to know how to hear and work with our Souls. This knowledge is necessary to overcome our problems. Generally regarded as a secret knowledge, it is really accessible to everyone, not just for some. You just need to go for it, learn it and use it. Only YOU have the access to the deepest, most powerfulpotential of your being and soul.

I work only with the souls. I help to recover the soul; to understand and work withand consciously participate in the changes. The healing of body, mind and emotions really begins from the Soul level.

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