"Everything is just as it should be, the higher will lead you for a given purpose."

An interview with Alexander Deyev ? soul therapist.

Why do you take care of the soul, why it is so important to you?
Most time of my life words like God and the soul did not have so much value for me. I worked at the level of the body, energy and mind and used some unique practices based on elements, which come from the Tibetan Bon Buddhist tradition. Then I did not deal with the level of the soul. However, I was open and saw that I could not deal with all the problems. In my personal life and the lives of people who were sent to me, things were happening that were far beyond mental comprehension and an my energetic action was giving the relief only for some time. I believe it's not enough, a good therapist should remove the problem, not move it for a while. I was growing up and becoming capable of dealing with more and more subtle energies, though it did not happen overnight. I was making progress and getting more and more support which showed me that I was going the right way. Now I know that God supports me and I am still growing up. I'm not doing anything special, I'm just open and attentive, as if I was led by the hand. It happens that changes arise in me but I cannot understand them right away and I do not know how to make advantage out of them. It is until the next problem and the next person who "forces me" to reach further, to find a solution that I did not know earlier. I find the way out of the problem and help others ? this is how I am growing up.


Working with the energy of the soul - what does it mean? For most people, anything that happens outside the body is incomprehensible. Explain it to us a little bit.
Any changes in our lives are created at different levels: body, energy, mind and soul. Things related to body are: different types of exercises, diet and massage. On the energy level there are meditative practices, yoga or tai-chi and at the level of the mind - visualization, mantras, affirmations and positive thinking. These levels are well known and used in many ways. The most effective work happens at the level of the mind, which consists in changing the ways of thinking. As a result of changes in thinking changes your energy, and this energy changes your body. Working at the level of the soul that is a huge jump. It allows you to go beyond the limits of previous possibilities, opens incredible depth and new levels that were previously not accessible for you. Working at the level of the soul is possible when we begin to understand the soul and learn to touch it when it starts to be a part of our lives. This work opens the access to and understanding of God and enables to use his energy. The more the soul is developed, the higher her vibrations are. Starting from the level of the body, each level corresponds with more subtle energies. It is only when we pass them all, we get to the level of the soul. The soul is pure light in the most subtle form.

Does this mean that the soul in some way can heal us?

At each level health has a different meaning. At the level of the soul it is to achieve a state of the lasting happiness, when we are permanently connected to life. Not just the moments of happiness that everyone experiences from time to time. Happiness that is not addictive, does not make you want more ? this is just about being alive. Happiness is a balance with God?s energy, permitting its free flow in our lives without fighting with her, clinging to her and getting addicted to her. Such understanding of happiness comes only when we reject all the ideas that we have in our mind (beliefs, ideologies) and we establish our own relationship with God. The most difficult obstacle to overcome is to understand the difference between the connection with God and connection with the church.


You're also talking about people with a soul of an Angel, what does that mean?
In the world there are people who have many lifetimes as an Angel?s soul. Their common feature is "awaiting something", this inner conviction that in my life there's something more to expect , some significant changes to come. To live with the Angel?s soul is an art. This is experiencing God's grace. Angelic souls get people who are ready for it as this is a reward for being a "good" man. When we become aware of this, we learn to live with it and use it on a daily basis.

How is an epidemic you are talking about related to the angelic souls? Why do you think that the epidemic is a chance?
The epidemic brings the overlapping of the upper world of Angels and the lower world of demons on the central world of human beings. The positive impact of the upper world and negative of the lower are now greatly enhanced. The border between the worlds goes through the soul of every man, reinforcing the light or dark side of our personality. An Angel?s part of the soul protects our soul from the negative effects of the lower world and from being kidnapped. This is how the Angels protect us. Therefore, we can ask the Angels for support and protection. If we are ready, we'll get a part of an Angel?s soul.

How to do it?
I will answer in four short sentences, although the process may take even years:
? Try to find a contact with your soul and live in harmony with it.
? Using your contact with the soul, find the link with God and live with Him in harmony.
? Use the God?s energy, change your life and feel the longing for a part of an Angel?s soul.
? When you receive the soul of an Angel, let it connect with your soul creating a new entity - a new kind of the soul.
It is a spiritual evolution, creating a new kind of people, with the new ability to use God's power.


What are the reasons for kidnapping souls?
The difficulty lies in the fact that most people do not have contact with their soul. If they had a real awareness of its existence and lived in harmony with it, they would not have needed to use my support that often. Cultivating one's soul is the essence of our existence, and at the same time it gives value to our life. Everything else is added, it can be there but not necessarily. When destructive actions, emotions and thoughts fill our lives, we become vulnerable to kidnapping soul. You do not even need to be aware of it, but life shows us that something is not right. Our world suddenly begins to crumble into pieces.

What is your goal, what is your role?
I believe that the work with the soul is a new form of spiritual healing. We are entering a period of great changes, whether we want it or not. These changes just arise in every day of our lives. My goal is to support these changes in people who are ready for them. I am the mediator between God and man in the recovery of the Angel?s soul. I support, protect, lead through this difficult period, I'm learning how to live with a new experience. The combination of human and angelic soul gives a man a total freedom. This is a special gift of grace and you have to accept the fact that you are guided along the path of life so you stop looking for it. All happens as it should, the higher will lead you for a specific purpose. This is the journey of our life.

Joanna Malinowska spoke with Aleksander Deyev