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In the previous article we finished with the story of cyclical changes through which our Earth is undergoing every 22,000 years. Now I would like to advise you what it looked like on Earth during the recent events of this kind. We are the fourth great civilization on Earth whereas the first of one arose 88,000 years ago. The duration of each civilization is limited to 22,000 years. That is also a time which each of them has to achieve a certain level of spiritual development. This concerns those civilizations that arise and grow at the 3rd density.

Interview with Alexander Deyev.

Most people see the huge changes in the external world which is called the global transformation, wave or elevation. But few of them understand and feel that the core of these changes is inside each of us. The outside world is merely an emanation, reflection and projection of all that we have in ourselves. This is where a real change takes place. That and the role of the soul as the only connector with our God was a subject of my talk with Alexander Deyev.




Angels are ?gardeners? whose mission is to care for a garden - a world in which they live. Flowers in this garden are human souls.

Today's Earth looks more like fallow land overgrown with weeds and the purpose of Angels is nursing a beautiful garden. Angels have been existing for billions of years across the Universe.

What I want to share with you it is the road to yourself;looking inside your inner self that brings universal and permanent healing of the body, energy, mind and above all the SOUL. This is the only way to skillful use of God?s universal energy. This energy is available to ALL - if you only open to itthrough your soul thus regaining your health, well-being and most importantly - HAPPINESS.





I have met many teachers in my life , I have been to seminars and workshops, during which I learned about myself. I learned how to work with emotions, harmonize our energies, open our heart, and in general: how to balance the body with mind and spirit. Needless to say, I read many books to find the answers to questions that are unanswered.




"Everything is just as it should be, the higher will lead you for a given purpose."

An interview with Alexander Deyev ? soul therapist.

Why do you take care of the soul, why it is so important to you?
Most time of my life words like God and the soul did not have so much value for me. I worked at the level of the body, energy and mind and used some unique practices based on elements, which come from the Tibetan Bon Buddhist tradition.





We lack the awareness that we posses a Soul. Early in childhood we lost contact with it under the influence of patterns imposed on us by authority figures: family, school, and friends. We're always looking to external models to help us become attractive, to awaken admiration.