We live with a gem which we have been in possession of our whole lives, but been unaware of. We have something which has real worth, but we do not value it. We all have this, but it is unique and the only thing we received from God ? it is our soul.

When people come to me, I try to show them that the Soul is this gem which has a great value to them, that it is a unique tool in our energy, spiritual, psychological and emotional bodies. We can specify its quality, vibrations, pollution and observe its scars and wounds. This information is so foreign to most people that they don?t know what to do with it, because the feeling of responsibility for it?s well being is completely incomprehensible. At this point we want to know in which way we can reclaim better contact with the soul, and in which way we can understand, heal and satisfy it. Here I would like to answer many of these questions.


1. Awareness of having a soul.

Every discussion abort the soul begins with the realization of the fact that at this moment we may not be in possession of it. Sometimes for many years it is suspended above our bodies as it has escaped from us due to difficult situations, and experiences which filled it with pain, envy, or anger. The soul needed to run away from the body because it couldn?t take the pain any more which was filling our lives. It ran away to the astral plane in order to be as far away from us as possible. Sometimes it happens that the soul is shattered, and its pieces scattered in places where painful things occurred. It tears when we loose close ones or have problems with relationships, wealth, health or love. Sometimes its parts are left behind in various lives in which we experienced similar things. It also happens that the soul is abducted and locked away. This is done to it by beings with which we had dealings with in previous lives. In every one of these situations our soul suffers along with us. In order to be able to live and cooperate with it again, we must get it back when it runs away, piece it back together when it is shattered, or buy it back when it is abducted. The first step of the job with the soul is to make sure that we have it, and that it has survived with us.

2. Finding the dominant element of the soul.

We can only have a happy and fulfilled life when we live in harmony with our soul. Every soul is different, and therefore different things make each of us happy. This depends on the dominant element of the soul, which can be one of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. It is also important to note which is the dominant element in our life force, which also depends on one of these five elements. The combination of these two dominant elements creates a unique character in our life. This isn?t any new discovery; this is knowledge which the human race has possessed for thousands of generations. Every element of the soul and life force causes specific ways in which we are able to realize our life path, and creates different goals and priorities. Becoming aware of them allows us to find our own way to our self. The only, unique and ideal path for us.

3. Vibrations of the soul.

We enter into the world with a specific vibration of the soul, which depends on what we were able to accomplish in our previous life. It shows the quality of our humanity, how far we have gotten on the path. On this path there is only one goal which is to get closer to God. The higher the vibration, the closer to him we are. Only a specific vibration of the soul allows us the possibility to find the path reaching God. Most people who say that they speak with God don?t even begin to enter his frequency and this is why I discourage blindly allowing for spiritual transfers and channeling. The vibrations of our soul can change depends on our way of life and understanding the goal of having a soul. Its only goal is to help us to regain the path to God, and to unite us with him. The higher the vibrations of the soul, the better the quality of our communication with God. At this point we need to understand what kind of vibrations our soul has at this very moment.

4. Our soul and our health.

The majority of sicknesses in our lives arise from the lack of equilibrium or when we go against or do not appreciate the soul. Sickness is the price which we pay for ignorance, for lack of support to the soul. The more we live against the soul, the worse the sicknesses which touch us. We regain our health by regaining equilibrium with the soul by uniting and supporting it.

5. The soul and our mental and emotional health.

For thousands of years people know that there is a poison in the mind which blocks our ability to live a life of awareness. These poisons are an excess of negative emotions which fill our lives with anger, jealousy, pride, desire, and stupidity. When these emotions control us, they will eventually lead us to be emotionally burnt-out, and finally to a mental meltdown. They are very destructive. Every action and decision taken under their influence will ruin our relationships, friendships, love, cooperation with others and our own selves.

6. The soul and dominating people in our lives.

When we see happy and self realized people, we often think: ?I also want this, I can also do this, I can also be like this.? And this is true, but at these moments often we fall into the trap of imitating. We imitate them, but don?t get the same results. This happens because we are unable to copy, or take onto ourselves external examples. And yet we keep looking, hoping that maybe this time we will be successful. But once again we fail. We try to copy others many times. For most of our life we are under the influence of people close to us, in whom we trust more than we do our self. All of these types of trust end in bewilderment. When we are finally disappointed with these searches, when we have lived through many of these disappointments then we begin to shyly become aware that there must be another way. At this point we have a chance to find the way into our soul. Coming in contact with the soul allows us to regain strengths which lead us to our own path. In order to reach this goal which our soul desires, we must be aware of this goal and the changes which arise on our path. Our own path demands attention and trust in our own soul, and then we are able to see its uniqueness. Only our soul knows our abilities and capabilities. Only it can show us the way. It possesses something which we can call an internal GPS. The only authority for the soul is God and only from him does it receive useful directions. We will never be able to duplicate someone else?s success. Each of us must find their own way, we are responsible for our own selves.

7. Our relationship to God.

He created himself in our awareness for many thousands of years. His understanding is written in us very deeply and our soul this information sustains. Its greatest wish and expectation is our development in uniting with God, filling ourselves with Him. The soul expects us to transition from ?I am someone? to figuring out simply that ?I am.? It wants us to eliminate expectations which were thrown upon us by the world, environment or family. It wants to remain with us alone, without wants or expectations. The gradual approach to uniting with the soul allows us to get rid of illusions and preset goals in relation to our life. This allows us to become our true self, without want of improvement, without wanting to be better than we are in reality. Often we travel the world in search of wonderful places. We need to understand that the only holy place which we need to visit during our lifetime can be found there where our soul lives. All of the external places, even the ones recognized as holly are memories of other people who allowed the light of God into their soul. We can create our own awareness in a place in which our soul feels good.

8. Humility, reconciliation with the soul.

Our soul is the goal and also the path at the same time. For it there isn?t a past or future, but only the present moment. This is the only reality which it knows. We are the only ones who try to fill it with pain from the past or fear of the future. Our focus on the present moment allows us to be in the presence of the soul and to touch it. It needs our joy in the present moment and the acceptance of our self and our life. We can help ourselves when we become aware of our imperfection and accept our right to make mistakes. Never, really are we able to get off of our own ?path? even though we try to do this. We are able to forget for some time, loose our way, and get lost. The end result is that our soul craves to gain the moment at which we are unable to tell the difference where we end and God begins and the other way around.

These eight parts are necessary to understanding and accepting the path which we must walk. All come here to this world with great inner needs of regaining God. When we become aware of this then we will be able to understand that only by following the soul, and using its help will we be able to reach the goal. We look for God in every moment of our lives, however generally we do this unconsciously. The more we are aware of our path, the better effects we receive from this search, the more full we become with this joy of life.

Aleksander Deyev