In the previous article we finished with the story of cyclical changes through which our Earth is undergoing every 22,000 years. Now I would like to advise you what it looked like on Earth during the recent events of this kind. We are the fourth great civilization on Earth whereas the first of one arose 88,000 years ago. The duration of each civilization is limited to 22,000 years. That is also a time which each of them has to achieve a certain level of spiritual development. This concerns those civilizations that arise and grow at the 3rd density.

The process which I would like to introduce to you is a group vibrational transition which results in moving the community of beings / people together with the planet on which they live into another density. Planets follow their course of evolution - Earth needed about 2 billion years to prepare for the transition from the third to the fourth density. In fact, it is the soul of the planet that moves to a higher frequency. Earth will continue to exist further on the number of densities at the same time, but the consciousness of her soul will be anchored in the 4th density. We have been undergoing this process along with the Earth for 2 billion years now.

Beings that they are not ready to move will stay at the 3rd density until the period of purification and regeneration of the planet begins, which will happen in 90 years and will continue for the next 11,000 years. Every civilization before the end of the cycle gets the opportunity to move to the next evolutionary level, the higher the density, the higher frequency. Each of them took advantage of this opportunity with better or worse results.

The first civilization was the civilization of reptilians where 90% of them took this opportunity and jumped on the fourth density. The second was a humanoid civilization and it benefited from the transition to the fourth density only in 15%. The previous, third civilization, used this chance in 70%.

All these three Earth civilizations exist currently on the levels of the fourth density along with one more civilization from another planet that did not undergo the process on our Earth. Just as we will, those 4 civilizations will experience in 40 years the evolutionary impulse initiating the transfer of consciousness of their souls to the 5th density. Yet only two of them will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Those that do not evolve further will be completely erased from the 4th density, thus freeing up space for the creation of our new civilization - the New Earth.

As we have talked about the changes at the 4th density, we can recognize that it is determined what kind of exam you need to pass in order to evolve as a civilization to another layer of the given density. What needs to be done to pass the exam? Each layer has its defined content and learning that you need to acknowledge and understand in order to proceed to the next stage of evolutionary development. Let me now describe a very superficial overview of the science that we get familiar with in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th densities.

Let's start with one of the four layers of the 3rd density, the lowest one. To get out of it, we must learn one simple thing: going out from the herd and making individual decisions. The task here is to learn how to live, think and act as an individual. When going through the 2nd layer of the third density beings must learn to master the basic fears prevalent in our lives: fear of death, illness, loneliness and poverty. At the 3rd layer we must learn to go beyond our own internal constraints. Here our challenge is to break the barriers and boundaries set up by our civilization, culture, society and go beyond the scheme. The 4th layer is related to our ability to handle emotions by not giving ourselves in to them and not following them or acting by them. This is what is called avoiding the five poisons of the mind (I wrote about this in previous articles).

I would like to emphasize that the software that I call "the soul of an angel" is received by us when we learn to control our emotions and when we lose this ability we go back to the 3rd layer of the 3rd density and the software automatically stops at this level. It can only be ?unpacked? on the 4th layer. It is also worth mentioning that we come to that world at the level where we finished our previous life.

Now we will talk about the three layers of the 4th density, where we are heading for. The first of these, the closest to us which we have to learn in the coming years is related to control of one?s mind, namely: control of time, matter and space. You have to gain the ability to connect these elements in different ways, in different directions in order to fully control them. The only limitation here is our imagination and the power of our mind.

On the second layer we must learn what it means to live in a real community, to achieve mutual priority and purpose in life. On the 3rd layer we need to understand the purpose and action of God and the higher purpose of existence.
The 5th density has two layers. The first is very well known to us as everyone is staying on it from their death until the next birth as described in ancient Buddhist texts. This is the level of preparation for the next life, aimed at understanding the principles governing the law of karma. The 2nd layer of the 5th density is beyond the law of karma, that is what I call enlightenment - total freedom. We call this great power or universal healing. It is the ability to take advantage of the full power of God including the possibility to decide on the length of our lives.

The 6th density has only one layer, called omniscience which is all the knowledge in the universe.

The 7th density is the most interesting, very unique, and here I would like to explain why in my articles I highlight the fact that our soul creates the potential for a happy life.

Happiness is the universal energy. It is a delicate balance between the inner and the outer world, resulting in a sense of calm, balance, contentment, joy, love and desire to live. This energy of each our life is collected in the core of our soul. Thus, the value of the particular incarnation is determined by the amount of the happiness energy collected during our lifetime. The more fortunate our harvest is the more worth our life has. The aim of every soul is to create a situation in which we can live happily as long as possible. The soul is everywhere and in all circumstances able to guide us to achieve a happy life and that is why it is so important to follow its guidelines.

God ?lent us? our soul for one "Kalpa", the duration length of one universe, which in Buddhism means the period from its inception to expiry. At the end of this period we return to the source of the universe and the energy of happiness, enshrined in the souls of beings, is collected in the core of the universe. This energy becomes a building block for the new and more perfect universe.

In this way, each of us is the creator of the New Universe!

What about the people who will not undergo the changes?

I will refer to it in a moment. First I would like to say once again about the changes that we are currently going through. Their time is dependent on the moment of transition of our solar system to the new density ? this is within the next 70 years. All the people who up to this point can accomplish their transformation together with Earth will begin to build the New Earth on the 2nd layer of the 4th density, which at the moment will be released for us.

The end of the world which we nowadays discuss on our Earth, will take place in 90 years so let me describe what will happen to people who stay in this reality. This will be handled by the last "team" who will visit the world in 85 years as the last "humanitarian assistance team" which can be defined as "the removal team". This stage will look just like a huge move to another planet with living conditions similar of ours.

An awareness of about 40 thousand people and 200 thousand animals will be transferred to the relevant genetically modified bodies, adapted to the conditions on that uninhabited planet. This is how a new civilization will arise in a new place, the so-called New Eden. Then Earth will experience a treatment and recovery period which will last 11,000 years and will result in erasing all the races of our civilization. This will be a general cleaning before the new cycle and the New Civilization arises.

Mikołaj Rozbicki talked to Aleksander Deyev