In the discourses with my Soul I used to take on the matter of negative transformations that arise after a long-lasting process of losing a Soul.

Most of them I experienced myself. Since I was seven till thirty I had my Soul abducted. And therefore I know how difficult life and growing up are without its permanent presence. These are eleven problems people experience most often.

  1. Losing a Soul is a loss of the coupling with GOD;
  2. It's just wasting the authentic purpose of the roam through life (if meeting GOD ever was the goal really);
  3. Because of the lack of the union with GOD we search for It in religions (not a single religion has ever represented, none represents and none will represent GOD);
  4. Living with the huge internal heart emptiness (we try to fill it up with family, work, money and habits);
  5. The loss of self-connectedness, coherence; the lack of internal communication and the incomprehension of the gist of one's life;
  6. The total loss of self-interest, the emotional indifference to oneself;
  7. Fading out of the ability to express and to feel the beautiful, subtle emotions in one's life;
  8. Doom and gloom, and carping as the ways of perceiving and taking any approaching change;
  9. Submissiveness, passivity, succeptibility to any emotional influences and impacts, the overwhelming 'the crowd effect';
  10. The loss of the taste of life, the extinguishing of the desire of fully experiencing and outliving; the retreat from active living;
  11. Depleting of vitality on the physical level; the lack of strenght and wills to fight illnesses; giving up resulting in the emergence of chronic diseases.

I intend to show and to explain to you, how many destructive transformations apppear in our common life after having lost one's Soul in the bottom astral space. Some of them may be turned back, but some are irredeemable even after regaining the Soul.

Alexander Deyev