When I talk to people during therapy, as much as I can I try to explain and to show them, how pointless life is
when we lose our Souls.

This problem concerns the generality of people on the Earth. We live in world of endless wars, hunger, illnesses,
every kind of violence. We live in world of global fighting religions, extreme expression of fanaticism and
terrorism as the worst kind of war.

Everyone who comes back from such a war feels huge pain and emptiness in his heart, because there is longer
no Soul there. It was lost while killing other people or because of the fear of being killed by others. It is called
traumatic stress disorder, but actually it is always a loss of a Soul.

We live in world where it is necessary to fight for food, water, freedom and worth life. Every day to struggle with
poverty, family violence, lack of freedom and affluence. Day by day we live filled up with fears, endless sadness,
helplessness. We suffer lonely, waiting for a miracle that'll never come.

We express our aversion to such a life in various ways. We slowly collect huge layers of internal anger, hate and
jealousy. We don't like ourselves and we hate people who managed to overhelm problems or simply turned out
well and achieved the practical success.

We allow ourselves to fulfill the subtle area of our heart with nasty, dirty and painful emotions. For years we live
such a nonsencial daily living, with no even smallest possibility for change.

And this way we finally lose our Soul.

Do regain your Soul and at last start living. It doesn't matter how old you are and what you've achieved in your
life. Living without good, daily connection with the Soul is only a foreplay, an expectation for a real life.

And even if you got the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer or Oscar for the uniqueness of your work, which are only external
evaluation of your life, and you've run through it and have never met your Soul, it's certainly been a wasted and
empty life.

Alexander Deyev