To tell the truth we mostly live in a world of unconscious people. Every day, working with people, I touch this problem that has recently become increasingly common. I name it - our absence from life.

Usually I practice regaining the lost, foregone or kidnapped Souls. A work as any other. But it gives the unique
opportunity to look differently at our life. At my work I use solely the counselling and the help of my Soul. And it
often pays attention to the negative side effects coming out while a long-standing loss of the Soul caught in the
bottom [astral].

When there is no Soul next to us (it touches about 70% of the population of mankind at present who have the
vague notion about their Souls and remind the Souls shortly before passing away), the situation results in the
natural slow process of losing a part of our consciousness.

Our ordinary, common awareness goes every day down to the place, where our Soul is caught and tied up. It is
most often noticeable during dreams and then every night we have nightmares or we meet the deads staying
presently in the bottom [astral]. We come back from such sleepy trips with huge feelings of fear, anxiety and vast
quantities of dirty energy.

Actually, every night our consciousness searches in the deep [astral] for the lost Soul. When it has been finally
found, the awareness stay by it for long years, trying to reduce somehow the Soul's anguish.

The bottom [astral] is filled up with the dirtiest human emotions - with huge anger, pride, jealousy, fright and
endless fear. These emotions slowly fill up our awareness as well. They become to be the largest part of the
awareness, displayed in our daily living.

The process of our awareness's staying in the depths grows up, and it enfolds our days long as totally as the

That's how in the majority our society looks like. We are surrounded by not awaken and absent people with the
most part of their awareness wasted.

All this manifests in total unconsciousness in daily living. We can see it in their relations with other people, their
indifference and ignorance for life, the disinclination for reading, learning, interest in art. They crave for the
uncomplicated life without focusing their attention, without labouring over difficult matters and the answers for the
gist and the purpose of life. They spend their time gossiping or watching endless primitive series. They feel fine
in worlds filled up with extreme dirty emotions where politics, crimes, offences and hazard belong.

Any human with his awareness lost lives in two worlds simultaneously, and regaining one's Soul is the only
medicine for coming back to the conscious LIFE.

Aleksander Deyev