The chaos we witness in the world, that has been increasing every day, is tied, connected with the matrix turning
off process. We complain on the matrix permanently, struggle for it, but in the meantime it's not only the way of
heading up the society, the mankind. The matrix directs the weather, the temperature, the flow of oceanic drifts,
the solar radiation or the Earth's magnetic field. Just at this moment we have been observing the process of
suppressing the matrix; it's the chaos - the end of an experiment. The experiment was about creating the
appropriate terms and conditions for the development of the civilization - the conditions enabling humans to live
according to their Souls. The civilisation didn't have to be high technologically, scientifically or cybernetically
developed. But only a part of the mankind has reached this goal successfully, and the ability for living in
harmony, in step with their Souls as well. The majority of these ones have copied this aptitude during a few
incarnations. The quality of their life confirms and legitimizes the fact. Such people are the final result of the
experiment; they do represent the mankind in the universe, they will keep the memory of our civilization.