It is very difficult to protect oneself. The fundamental thing to realize is to stop feeding them (energy vampires).
In most cases we do allow other people to live on ourselves. I often talk to someone who starts to complain on
his life, on what heavy relations he continues, on problems with a child, on suffering parents needing help - the
talk is all about problems, difficulties and problems... About unpaid bank loans, a car being just spoilt, a partner
who betrays, etc. ...

The problems are so annoying we think: 'my God, what may I give to him for his leaving away?' or: 'I would
intend to prop him up, to help somehow'. Certainly, this is an ordinary human reaction. But there is also another
aspect of the situation: the person came to steal from us, and the whole conversation amounted to only one
thing: to openning ourselves and letting him to take sth we own: peace, confidence, a satisfied relationship,
proper relations with relatives( parents, children), a good job. All of these are our internal energy. The calmness,
the well-being, the sense of balance, the self-assertion, health, etc. These are what we do have, but that person
- doesn't. And during the conversation, complaining on his unhappy life, the human forces us to feed him. Then
he'll reach another person whom will talk to and do the same. We personally do allow such people to prey on

We personally let such a person to complain on her life for 1,5 hour. If you are not able to help, don't let these
people to tip the hogwash of their own life in our house (the internal one as well!). Doesn't matter, if done by
phone or any other way. People used to throw away the huge heaviness of their dirty energies and to supply
themselves (their lacks) with our pure ones.

We used to do this every single day, talking to buddies, co-workers, on a street, on a bus, in a lift, in any situation
we are in contatct, exposed to anyone. Do terminate it, do cut it off. Avoid it, don't allow others to live on yourself!

Alexander Deyev