This is generally the approved way to vary qualities of energy: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.
Each of us is a specific ‘formula’, a ‘pattern’ of these five elements. There prevails one regnant
element in every human, called the main element of a Soul. It is sth like our Core, our calling card,
showcase, our private life. There also evinces the second essential element, a collateral one – life
potency. This is the form of manifesting - the way we do express ourselves outwards. The leading
element of Soul- the heartland, the bastion is our inner world; and the potency means the form of
displaying outside – in interaction with people, in the way of living, behaving, seeking for work,
contacts, etc. The five elements concur, compose the identifiable standard.

When we have lost certain elements during the embryo time in the very first months of our life, we
are sure to be born with the prespecified deficiencies. The lacks are noticeable easily at children -
these are physical modifications, transformations. If, for example, the element of Earth has been
missing during pregnancy, we may see a newborn with obvious deformations on the level of body, it is
powerless, born weak, of the low immunity. If the element of Water has been lost, there will appear a
baby with problems of metabolism, blood circulation, urinating. A child being born as a fruit of gestation with deficiency of Fire element will be anemic, very slow, hardly able to run up and grow. It
achieves any defined qualities and properties of growing up very sluggishly.

I mean, we may lose any various elements because of the variety of reasons, even during the fetus
time, because of which we spring as crippled with definite lacks. It is about making aware, that kids
appear with deficiencies that must be complemented while growing up. Even in a case of seeming
born regular, balanced, the process of rising up occurs pretty hard and sophisticated. It is always
assured, we lose while growing up.

If we, for example, have raised up in a difficult family and relations, where very heavy emotional
edginess has taken place, and quarrels, where mother or dad has been an alcoholic, the experience of
poverty, the lack of safety and/or violence, putting down- while the process of growing up the child
loses its confidence and might – the element of Earth.

If a child has been bred in a family deprived of feelings, emotions, affection, where parents have given
no love, the kid successively loses the Water element – the sense of comfort in its life.

If it had been raised up in a family, where no one has read, but has already ignored new books,
computers, movies, etc. instead (and the kid has led a very closed, simple life), it will lose the element
of Air, as Air means learning, knowledge, open-mindedness.

If a family has experienced no spiritualization, no openness to any new, any world, art, literature, the
child will be missing the element of Space in its future, etc.

It means: each of us, while growing up, loses certain valid elements and when the process is near to
be over (when we leave school for instance), each of us enters the world with the concrete
deficiencies – is not formed, not ‘molded’ adequately.

There are very few people who complete this period at 100 per cent fullness. They are real rarity,
huge rarity. Such a man is shaped, fulfilled, physically and emotionally healthy. It’s a genuine delicacy
to meet such people. Most of us arise with defined lacks on many levels. People used to be born and
enter the adulthood with plenty of dearth on lots of levels: physical, mental, emotional, etc. All the
deficiencies cause feeling undervalued, poor of potency, health, the proper relationships - we are
completely enable to live a fully happy and satisfied life.

Alexander Deyev