The sense of our life is not rigid, it transforms every day. It’s not a definite line or score you have to
accomplish; these are hundreds of lines (points) we achieve, and every sequent one opens another,
the next one. This means, if we manage to complete one single goal, then the next one appears.
There are lots of aims in life, not only one. As I’ve said previously, the general purpose is to reach and
to connect God. To succeed, we have to conquer thousands, thousands of previous aims, obligatory
on our way. Every single one is significant, weighty.

To button a shirt is seemingly a simple action; the point is to do it up successfully. But ten buttons
have also to be completed on the way. If we avoid any, or we do this awryly…. we won’t achieve the
goal. Every button is one goal. We have to pass through the whole. We are not aware of the destined,
the final one. We may only see and understand the nearest goal, that seems to be attractive, eye-
catching for us at the moment. The acceptance of the lack of purpose is essential. There is simply a
road; a journey. We are on.

Searching for God is imprinted on us, in the heart. It works as an inner program we never consider. It
runs 24 hours per diem by itself. But when we start to realize and recognize this heritage, we come to using it more effectively. We face and have to do with far more tangible, substantial results of the

I agree, it is enough to reject specific things and all these thrown off (that stay at odds with the divine
Energy) will result in the domination of God. But sometimes it’s hard to identify what has to be
thrown out, as God manifests at thousands, thousands of things, phenomena. Truly speaking, in fact
nothing exists besides, but It only does; It’s the Unity we abide in. It reigns inside us and we stay
included inside It.

The true perception and comprehension of God develop only as a result of our personal authentic
whole-hearted searching, putting the ungrudging effort in the process. All we have taken from
outside, from parents, from school, books, movies, from teachers and any leaders – this is not ours,
not authentic. The only authenticity is our own way to God, the way we create ourselves.

I used to say there were seven billions of people and seven billions of roads to God as well. Which one
belongs to you? My way suits no one, it is mine. And I do intend to share it with no one, as nobody
can follow it to find God. It is my pretty private way of searching. Do create yours. If you stay focused
and make the effort , you‘ll gain it, confident you tread your true way.

Every human is guided by a soul being a part of God, I mean God consists of all souls of any conscious
beings, interconnected in the Universe. It means that every single soul is a cell of God. Every beings in
the Universe in fact ARE God. Every soul is a part of It. Our Soul represents God inside ourselves.
Working with a soul, I communicate with a part of God included, present, residing in any human. We
are unaware of the fact, do not benefit it, as a soul is hidden many, many layers beneath, we can’t
pass them, break through; they don’t allow to touch God.

But the desire of the touch and reaching It is imprinted deeply inwards. This is our ‘native’ reaction
and pursuit. We starve for being closer every single day. But no one considers this normally, can be
aware of the hunger. We seek for God every day of our life. In most aberrant and freakish ways. Every
day anew. The more aware about searching inwards (not outside) we are ourselves, the easier we’ll
get it back.

Alexander Deyev