For me the Universe is anything we face inside us and outwards as well - and we must find the
balance both with our internal and the external Universe.

The soul is like a compass which lets keep this equilibrium. When there is no balance, we are
sentenced to disorders. In the steady-state everything passes by perfectly, the energy of God isn't
impeded, it manifests itself through passion, joy, prosperity, peace. But God does also display itself in
a quite different way – if we derange and shatter the flow of Its energy, God manifests itself through
pain, anger, loss, illness.

This imbalance is easiest to notice on the level of physical and psychological health, we actually
almost can’t meet not-disturbed people. This may be seen in relationships, attitudes to relatives in
families and to the world. People are not aware of the deformations, but souls on the contrary are.
We must learn to use our soul permanently, every single day, to comprehend and to do feel it.

A soul is the instrument that keeps us in the balance, is a compass that leads us and points to the way
of living without losing ourselves. We can only evolve and develop spiritually right, when the
conditions are preserved for a long time.

In the contemporary world there are also other ‘’guides’’: an ego and a mind, so-called the common
sense. A mind that points to what I have to do (aims, forms, patterns) and an ego that claims what I
lust to do (to possess, to earn, to achieve). The part and the task of soul consists of the aware,
deliberate relinquishment – we should exactly know, what we reject and forfeit, and why. We must
choose the relevant prevailing guide, as each of them shows a quite different direction.

Our task is to choose our God-given way to pass by, against the common sense, logic and all I want.
Accepting the way of soul, we follow the will of God. While picking the path of soul, we are not aware
of the aim, but we trust soul that knows both the way and the purpose. Every single day we are, we
have to rerun the same choice.

Everything has its own role to play, the mind and the ego as well, these are simply ‘’tools’’ on the
scene, instruments of the labour. In one moment it is necessary to be logical - mind, in other:
impulsive - ego, but we must be conscious, what the authoritative voice belongs to, what makes the
choice, and finally what has the right of veto and the power to say: "end" - contra the common sense
and the ego.

Every person experiences different conscious presence of soul. The point lays at how consciously
present anyone is in his own life. The majority is unconscious and absent permanently, a kind of a
dream. Our soul tries to wake us up and to pull out of it, of the illusion what life really is (that it is f.ex.
long-lasting, short, heavy, lousy). These are all shared illusions we supportively flounder through.

Life is neither heavy nor difficult, neither swimming nor leaking, neither beautiful nor ugly - these are only limiting, narrow labels. The conscious presence is experiencing life without illusions, waking up
from a dream that we used to call’’ life’’. I am just what I am. Life is just what it is. When we are
conscious, we continue getting rid of the small labels stuck on anything that exists in life. To wake up
means to unstick these labels, to look at life one’s own way. Then we can ‘’name’’ the world in
accordance with ourselves, we can create our world.

Alexander Deyev