To make the Soul our personal, general guide, we must reject any outward leading, spiritual
teachers, wise books and theories, that have guided us in the opposite direction – outwards. They
have talked about our spiritual imperfection and the need of change, transformation. The Soul always
says: ‘You are perfect from the beginning to the final point, do rediscover the truth inwardly, do learn
living with this awareness every single day’. The Soul wants to become and to last our only guiding
master through life, we really need no one else. It knows perfectly our every little thought, our
desires, our previous incarnations, the present one, and the future ones, it has the insight about any
transformations that have come forth during our whole evolution; it guides us to the purpose that the permanent connecting, unifying with God is. To be able to follow the Soul, we must accept humility,
because the path vary in general and completely from what we have managed to follow along until
now. It’s not similar to ego’s way or to the common sense’s road. Humbleness is the most difficult
aspect at connecting with Soul. When we think about trust and realize, Who in fact stands behind the
Soul (God does), the trust gets stronger rapidly. When we think about being lead and provided by
Soul, the first steps taken under its fluence will be enough; when we notice the first positive changes
that support us, then we make the apposite and balanced decisions, we start to feel comfortably. At
the time, the ‘management’ becomes natural, with no problem we reject anything outwards, external
strange advisors, schemes and previously taken rules. We start to act upon our individual, relevant,
unique path. This becomes the everyday practice, the dailiness in our life… Humility is the essence; it
means the trust for both: the Soul and the road God has chosen for us to follow. The Soul does only
guide us the way, step by step, to the concrete, definite purpose that means: total fulfilment, fruition,
health and the balance. We can hardly not achieve them and fail following the Soul.

Alexander Deyev