The threat of the abduction of Soul forces us to get interested
in ourselves instead of dispersing at the external activities
related to rescuing and repairing the world. You are
responsible for yourself and must know no one can pretend
and deceive in this case. You may say the most marvelous
words and create the most miraculous appearances, but if you
feel and breed anger, jealousy, abasement inwards – you
espouse for the hell on the earth. At the time the kidnapping of
the Soul is only a matter of time. The symptoms of the
abduction are demonstrable and visible not only on the
spiritual level, but on the physical, mental, emotional ones, it
may be recognized quite easily.

The abducted Soul affects the general state of a human, who is
then drained of Energy, senses the drop of the physical
condition and unjustified weariness; simultaneously he feels
emotionally comatose, lives in hard internal emptiness, may
fell depressed or dreading. The kidnapping may also manifest
itself at emotional disorders, compulsions, obsessions and
even delusions; not everybody experiences the same. Some
people can hardly stand for it, others may even notice nothing,
mainly if they have never cared about the contact with their
own Soul. Either, if someone before has followed anger, has
been guided by rage and hate, or has felt worthless and
resentful with the world, he will continue all of this during the
abduction of his soul, but getting far worse. Then it is hard to
realize this is a slippery slope downwards. But every single
day the emotions get all-appropriating and – while filling
anything up - ruin life, work, family and health completely.
For years we have hang on and nursed the destructive
emotions, have allowed them to dominate and finally they
completely overwhelm our life. The same way they
contaminate our mind, they pollute also the Soul, lower its

It is about time to stand for your own Soul, to accept, to
comprehend it, to rid it from pain and grime. Just there, under
the pile of forgotten shit, your personal treasure brightens –
your truth, your potency and power, your light. And exactly
here, deeply inside you, the entire truth, all the purposes and
the deepest joy of life are hidden.

Alexander Deyev