A Source is ’’something’’ our Souls are connected with and somewhere they come from. A
Soul arises in Families of Souls.

The Source is a congeries, an aggregation of billions, billions of Souls. There exists a very
particular, special creation in the Root (and there are lots of them), sth like a spiritual map of
our Universe, where – just like stars in the sky – other Sources of energy brighten. All the
Sources are hooked up to God, that expresses Itself via them. Each Source oozes and disposes
of specific quality of the divine energy, the alternative vibration.

The majority of Souls spring from the low-vibrating Sources and during their evolutionary
progress, they pass from one Source to another, from the low-quavering Sources up towards
the higher-emanating ones. This process is based exactly on the development together with
our Soul.

We ourselves, while cooperating with our Souls, are the entities, who allow them to evolve. It
happens due to us and our relations, that make them able to wire themselves (and thereby
us) up to a new Source, changing by the same token the qualities of our lives, the perception
of the Universe, ourselves, the people besides, God, all the situations that affect us, the
comprehension of the world we live in.

The purpose or each Soul is passing up to a higher-quavering Source in every incarnation. The
way is stretched over hundreds of billions of years and it’s based on our internal teamwork,
on the agreement and mutual acting on the right path, we have chosen side by side together
with our Souls.

The reason of any Soul’s wandering is the union/fusion of them all at the end of the whole
Universe’s existing. Then every Soul reaches definitely its Source and all Sources joins and
interfuse. They devolve all the knowledge and the wisdom having been gathered by billions of years of the Universe’s existence. The information is then merged, summed up and it sets
down, creates the expression of the future Universe.

And thereby every Soul contributes as a co-author to the new Cosmos’s outset.