My work consists of regaining one’s soul, if it is out; if it is present I remove the overload of grime
that doesn’t allow it to run normally, properly and affects it badly. This dirt are our fears, our
internal pain, sorrow, loneliness, desolation of our life. All this divests, takes away our joy and
urge to live.

All the dirty energies clog up and block our heart, where the soul resides, and soil its house
permanently. In most cases, due to the excess of the dirt, our soul leaves this lousy house. It
escapes above, nearby God if we are opened enough, or the furthest from God down below, if we
are resentful or feel frightened of the Source, sinful, wicked etc.

My work consist of actually one thing: of cleaning the house of soul. And this is why sometimes I
talk about the stinking wad of energies, about energy grime, that we live for pretty many years

The other part of my work is to recover the soul and to return it to ‘the owner’.

If the soul stays above, there is no problem; it is pure beauty – clear, filled up, healthy. The only
question is to get round, to persuade to reach our body back; if it persists the body as a
proverbial pigsty – dirty, filled to the brim with anger, hate, pride, envy and any other heavy
energies, it will never reach it again. Until I don’t clear it up, until I don’t make the acceptable
requirements for it, it won’t enter the heart back.

However, if the soul is caught below in depths, it is a far more serious affair, as it is completely
robbed, exhausted, hardly soiled, as the sphere it’s forced to stay in, is heavily destructing,
devastating. I call this zone ‘the hard soul prison’. The essence is to regain it: to pull it out, to
redeem it, to steal it downright, and to settle it closest to God. I call this ‘the soul spa’. Due to God
and through the Source the soul wins back its attributes, qualifies and qualities, gets strength,
energy, bounce, irrepressibility, vitality. When it happens, I convey the soul back to one’s heart.

Alexander Deyev