We should observe ourselves carefully. If we miss the sense of power, strenght, definiteness, if we can't stay by
our own side, we have no our personal statement - all this signalizes the absence of the Earth element; and then
it's necessary to go to the moutains. But there is a difference between staying in the moutains and taking the
Earth element inwards. You may crawl the mountains taking nothing, because the point lays in opening to
conscious receiving, in getting aware of the missing element inside and unleashing the huge desire to
complement it; it is possible and very common to take the element only on the level of the body that needs
vitality, strenght, health, immunity. When replenished on the emotional level, it brings the satiation of the needs of
confidence, self-confidence, peace, perseverance. But if added on the spiritual level means making wise
decisions, the ability of introspection, comprehension and becoming a smooth, calm life observer.

On different levels we add the variety of qualities and aspects of the same elements. But first you should analize
yourself honestly and do ascertain the lacks.

If you don't feel comfortably and effortlessly in your life, if anything hurts you, you can't feel free on your own, at
your home, neither working nor playing, you surely miss the Water element. And also if you can't feel easy-going,
avoid problems gently, are not adaptive, responsive - all these symptoms point to the lack of the Water element,
so go to the sea.

On the other hand, if you are locked for feeling emotions, dull, fuddled, burnt-out, nothing amuses you; you
experience no joy, no inspirations, no intentions - you'd better complement and use the missing Fire element.

If you are poor of openness, ideas, relations, embedded in sth you can't leave out, if there is no motion in your
life, no modifications - this means you miss the Space element.

If you are closed, not open to new experiences, religions, books, movies, clothes, tastes, do not accept any
changes in the world, any new currents, you are typecast, bound at old attitudes, behaviours, habits, you just
can't grow out of and free yourself - this means the Space element must be lacking.

We have to observe ourselves and to learn pretty attentively, to recognize, what is actually missing. And if it is -
which way to complement it, to round it out, how to select the most adequate solution as staying somewhere or
specific meditations and practices that will make us to acquire the proper elements straight from the nature

Alexander Deyev