While seeing happy and satisfied people, we often think: "I also want this way, I can also do it, I can be the same/
equal" - what is even true, but in such moments we often fall into the trap of imitating. We try to copy our model,
but we can't manage to achieve the same effects.

It happens because we cannot replicate, transfer the external standards into ourselves. However, we search
persistently deeper, hoping this time we'll succeed. Unfortunately, it doesn't come off and work out all over again.
We try the same for lots of times. Simultaneously, during the huge part of life, we stay under the influence of
family and friends whom we trust far more than we ourselves do. Any such confidence ends with great
disappointment. When we are already frustrated enough with all the searchin' faults, when we are disillusioned a
lot, then we start shyly realizing there must be another way.

This time we have an opportunity to find the way in our soul - to find our own path. Establishing the contact with
our soul will let us regain strenght for following the individual path. In order to achieve the purpose that the soul
desires, we must be conscious of the aim and all the movements and lesions that rise up on our road. Following
the own way requires the attention and trust for the soul, then we may notice the true uniqueness of it. Only our
soul knows our abilities and possibilities. Nothing and none but it can merely show us the direction of our travel.
We'll never replicate anybody's success. Each of us must discover the singular, invidual path.

Alexander Deyev