Primarily: the change of the way of thinking. In the majority of cases we personally ourselves, by force,
used to search for the situations, people and various moments, that are supposed to bring any evil to us,
to make us facing something hurtful. We do this because of the huge sense of guilt we live in. We don't
have good opinions about ourselves if we live convinced we are worthless, hopeless to the roots. And
then, as the result, we only search for penalty subconsciously. We want it, long for, beg for it. We desire
to be punished to reduce the sense of guilt we live through. I've been punished - I've got already better.

And therefore such a person seeks for a partner to be abusing; looks for a work with an ignoring,
disregarding employer and heavy working conditions; searches for friends supposed to be unhonest,
jeering, mocking; obtains credits pretty hard for him to pay off, or never possible to be paid off. We do
thousands of things that cause pain, suffer or discomfort as the results in our lives. We search for them
ourselves, and so we do all such 'services' to ourselves.

The change of the ways of thinking is the simpliest solution. I always used to give one affirmation to all
the people I work with, that I think has the power to change our attitude to ourselves at 90%. These are 3
very simple sentences: I SUPPORT MYSELF. I RESPECT MYSELF. I LOVE MYSELF. As long as we
don't believe in these 3 phrases, we'll see nothing being transformed in our lives.

Alexander Deyev