All I wanna hand over to you, is to find the path to the depths inside yourself, to look into your own interior,
bringing the universal and the permanent recovery on the levels of body, energy, psyche and first of all: THE
SOUL. This is the only way to benefit the universal energy of GOD competently. The energy is available to
ANYONE, if you only open to it through your soul, regaining this way your health, prosperity and the most
important: HAPPINESS.

I started my own way of searching the universal healing way over 15 years ago. While helping myself and people
to solve health, emotional, psychological, practical living problems... I understood one simple thing: each of us
has a connection, is in contact with the best and the most excellent healer in the World - GOD is the person.
Only using his help we can be given the universal therapy that fits us ideally, able to solve all our problems

We may find the long-lasting closeness with God only under the condition of comprehension and proper,
competent using the potential of our souls. This is what my work just consists of, enabling me to help people in
the rediscovery of the gentle union with God by recovering the relation with their own souls. The effects of my
help are very clearly perceptible; a man finds the internal calmness, frees himself of pain and suffer, frees
himself of fear. He experiences the perfect, unabridged inner acceptance.

I use to find the problem either inside the person ( stumbling blocks from the childhood, hurts of the soul in
the current or the previous incarnation); or outwardly ( vampiric, sucking energy in family, work, the closest
surrounding, or possessions). Sometimes I also make people aware, that anyone has a soul, YOU ACTUALLY
ARE IT - its expression, manifestation, and no particular belief or - on the contrary - denying, doesn't affect the
reality. The soul was destined to guide us through the life in health, joy and the harmony, but it is necessary to
learn, how to hear it and to cooperate with it. The knowledge is required to get rid of old problems and becomes
the obviousness - when it has been already possessed. Universally it is recognized as the elitist cognizance, but
in fact it is available to anyone, not only to the chosen. The enough base is to reach for it, to study it and to use
it. Only YOU have the access to the deepest, the hugest potential of your very Being and the soul.

I work exclusively with the soul. I help to regain it, to comprehend it, to cooperate with it and to participate in your
own changes consciously. Then, from the level of the soul, the actual, appropriate healing of body, mind and
emotions begins.

According to people I work with, the portal: was created.

Here you may find the answers to questions that appear and rise both during and after the therapy I guide.

Alexander Deyev