Any colective action, action in a group, denies, stays opposite to the Soul's ways and nature. It has an individual
path, not to be copied for anybody beside us. Following any leader moves us away from our own Soul, weakens
the contact with it and also lowers its vibrations. Even creating the so-called new civilization outside is an illusion.
Every new civilization will come from the existence inside us, from the relation with the Soul. There will be
manifested the civilization of new people, created inside them - of people connected with their Souls that
represent God. The Soul doesn't represent itself, it's a part of God inside us. When we reach the agreement with
this part, it is guaranteed we have reached the agreement with God. The path to the new civilization runs straight
through our heart.

To surrender to the Soul's leading, is to get rid of comfort we have cared about for the whole life. It actually
demolishes our world comprehending, takes away the illusions we have believed in, changes our statements,
values, priorities and purposes. To follow the Soul, means to trust her enough for not losing this confidence even
when we lose all comfort. Most people complain they have used to live a comfortable life and the Soul destroys
this convenience. We don't wanna lose comfort, are afraid to leave binding relationships, work, even though we
feel awfully in both of them.

We surrender to illusions and we become involved in actions outwards, that we think are the exits out of difficult
situations, but actually the ways lead nowhere.

Alexander Deyev