We must only want it, feel the desire, dare to feel the pain of the Soul. See what really your life looks like and
frankly sum it up. The pain of the Soul is real, authentic, stripping of the illusion, that everything is right. You can
see the fruitlessness and the emptiness of your life then, you are starting to understand your Soul needs help,
and maybe even curing wounds. It needs your attention and interest.

When any traumatic experience took place in your life, or when fear, pain, terror have been collected for years
and you have slowly filled yourself up with sadness and suffer, you can be sure that your Soul has walked away
to astral world. Then you need somebody to help you to recover it, to clear away its house that is settled in your
Heart and to remove the excess of pain.

Cleaning the house for the Soul, opening one's heart, it is still extraordinary rarity. Easy to depict the house
hasn't been cleaned for a year, but can you imagine the energy mess after, for example, 40 years of negligence?
The house of the Soul is a pure Heart. You can not to allow to fill it up with dirty,negative emotions, such as:
stupidity, anger, jealousy, pride, fear. And therefore don't let the negative emotions fill your life up, you can control, overcome them. They work as poison in your mind, but you own the antidote.

The knowledge has been well-known to people from hundred years: a medicine for anger is love, for stupidity -
wisdom, for jealousy - desire of giveness, for pride - humility. Today not everyone wants to make the effort to
take such a medicine. We look after destructive emotions for entire years, we let them dominate, and finally they
take over the control of our life. The sameway they pollute our mind, they pollute also the Soul, permanently
lower its vibrations. It causes the problem haven't been known until now on such a huge scale: the low-vibrating
souls are widely grabbed to depths by beings from lower dimensions.

Alexander Deyev