There are plenty of sources in our Universe, each of them receives the part of God’s energy. It is
immensely potent and that’s why it is divided into smaller pieces. Every source receives a small part of
the divine energy. From the heaviest (the lowly-vibrating sources) to the subtlest (the highly-
quavering ones). They consist of hundred of billions of Souls. The number of Souls included in any
source depends on its vibrations.

Every source owns sth like a core, the cosmic tuning fork that receives and transfers God’s vibrations.
It is a pretty sophisticated process, with the immensity of Souls engaged in. The source itself proceeds
the evolution towards the higher vibrations. It has the direct association with the experiences of the
Souls connected with it. 

The power of the energy (informations) forwarded by God is so tremendous, that one Soul wouldn’t
be able to receive it – it would burn down. And therefore the passing by is spread over hundred of
billions of Souls. God transfers the energy to the source, the source – to the Soul, the Soul – to the
individual human, the single conscious. Consequently: there is no way to join God with no Soul
interceding. The higher the Soul quavers, the more information (the divine energy) the human gets.
The Soul receives them from both its own source and all the others of lower vibrations.

Every Soul that transports the divine energy, works for God. The Soul is impersonal while representing
the core of a particular source. It is the source’s inherent part and – via the source – it serves God. The
impersonality of the Soul is attributable to throwing off the whole of experiences – I mean the
personality which is the fruit of them in the Soul. It have to be an impeccable pureness to be able to
transfer the divine energies.

The Souls come back to the core cyclically. They stay there for some billions of years serving God, in
the state of the divine chastity, the ecstasy. When the Soul comes out of the source, it is clear, free of
any experiences, faceless. But for the existence in the Universe it must conceive an identity. And
therefore it starts a journey for picking up and gathering the experiences, the lessons that might build
it up. And here we just reach the moment of creating worlds, schools, and the continuous, endless
roam as the Souls’ experiencing.

(an excerpt of the interview with A.Deyev by S.Sadowska)