Recently I've read a good article about the spirituality in our life, that ends surprisingly with the
conclusion that God is love. I used to hear this sentence hundreds of times, as the cliched mental
scheme, the same pattern run. I've asked my Soul if it is the reality, if God is love indeed? I'll
disclose to you what I've been told.

''You, the humans, define God always according to your hugest lack. If you miss love, God is love,
if you live in sorrow - It is joy, if you suffer of diseases - ideal health. If you feel lonely, God is
happy relationship. If you are immersed in poverty - God becomes well-being and abundance.

In fact, God is only the endless, INFINITE TRANSFORMATION- nothing more.

When you name It differently, you stick labels with the dreamed-of words, and in this time and
this way you do stop Its flow, trying to focus the divine energy to the areas of your largest
deficiences. You do not follow the change, you've just got caught at the illusion of expecting to
make your dreams come true on demand''.

Let yourself not define, not label God. Allow yourself to follow It and to be filled up with the
infinite expression of Its presence, at any time of your journey, your path of life.

Alexander Deyev