The very first Souls arose in the third Universe cycle, and that is to say, the Universe demanded
huge amount of time for growing up to create the first Soul, the first sample, the exemplar, I may
say. Since then, Souls have arisen en masse.

Each human is a house for his Soul; they feel safely staying in our subtle bodies. The problem
occures, when the subtle bodies start to be inappropriate, unsuitable environment for Souls,
because of identifiable changes in our life - the emotional ones, first of all. This situation happens
by the reason of the polutions in our subtle body with the lowly-vibrating energies of anger,
pride, envy, stupidity, lust and fear. The more of these emotions there are in, the heavier
negative conditions become for the Soul to stay. The excess of the emotions compels the Soul to
leave outwith the subtle bodies. Deprived of the refuge, it becomes an easy haul, loses its
protection. And then it may happen, it is abducted by any various beings, as a pretty virtue for
them, and dragged down to lower astral layers. When this happens, it loses the connection with
its source slowly but successively. The lower it gets down, the less of the connections , the
couplings remains. Then the energy hunger arises and increases, that causes suffer and the
emotional torpor of the Soul. It becomes to fell in lethargy; and the stronger it is, the further
away from us the Soul stays.

Life of Soul is time-bound and limited only to the potency of our Universe. However, the quality
of its existence, and the quality of the informations it gathers in, collects, depend on the relations
it has with us. Every Soul owns its personality, its story, it could tell us. Sometimes the story lasts
for many billions of years, through many Universes. That's why Souls of some people are unique,
as they have assembled knowledge, wisdom and memories from many previous Universes, in
which they've existed.

Alexander Deyev