We used to roam all over the world seeking for the sacred, miraculous places. We must comprehend, the only
blessed place for us to visit during our lifetime is where our Soul dwells. Any external places, even those being
presumed, are just the remembrance, the remains after the others have put the light of God in to their Souls. We
may and must uprise our own temple in the place when our SOUL stays.

The Soul's hugest desire and expectations are our growing up in the connection with God, filing ourselves up
with It. The Soul expects our advancement from the mindset: 'I AM SOMEONE' to the simple statement: 'I AM'.

The Soul wants us to throw off all the expectations having been imposed by the world, the society or the family. It
desires to stay with us in the subtler closeness, with no hyped up concepts, pretensions, mirages.

The stepwise entering the correspondence with the Soul lets us get rid of the illusions and the projections about
our everyday life. It allows to stay oneself, without the urge of the permanent correcting the life, with no urge of
being better we are ourselves in fact.

Most life problems and illnesses result from the absence of the balance or from the nagation or the defiance of
our Soul. The illness is the price we pay for the ignorance, for the refusal of supporting the Soul. The most IN
CONTRARY TO OUR SOUL we live, the worse diseases and troubles touch and affect us. We regain health, joy,
well-being, happiness by retrieving the constant interbalance with the Soul, by following it every single day and
standing up for it.

The learning and the acquired knowledge of the Soul are indispensable for the comprehension and the
acceptance of the way we are to overpass and to graduate. We all spring from with the huge hidden desire of
regaining God. When we realize the fact, we'll catch on, that we may reach the goal only following the Soul and
using its help.

We seek for God any moment of our life, though we do this competely unaware. The more aware of our travel we
are, the better results the searching gives, the more filled up with the constant, perennial happiness we get.

Alexander Deyev