When we keep on plugging for the contact with our Soul insistently, it begins to answer in a certain moment.
Slowly, carefully it starts to interact with us. It may happen, if it has achieved the adequate vibrations. It's used to
be said it starts to light. However, it is possible only in case, when a human has builded the proper, close
relationship with it. The more often we touch it in our common life, the greater agreement and concord with it we
attain, and the more the vibrations rise up.

When the Soul begins to brighten, it starts also to be noticed by God among the permanent infinite twilight we
live in. Then it is given the exceptional, unique support and the protection from God; I call this the part of the
Angelic Soul or 'the software'.

Our everyday relations with the Soul prop up its vibrations. The higher they are, the faster the Soul moves on
from the lower vibrating sources to the higher-quavering ones, using their backup. The connecting with a highly
vibrating source may let the Soul display, manifest itself uniquely on many levels in our life.

Any common team action is then the contradiction against our Soul natural acting; it has its individual path to be
copied for no one next to us. Following any leader dismisses, distances us from our Soul, weakens the contact
with it and reduces the vibrations.

Even creating the collective so-called new civilization outwards is an illusion. Every new civilization will come
forth from inside, in the relation with our Soul. There will arise the civilization of new humans, being born inside
the people connected with their Souls that'll represent God. A soul never represents itself only, it is a small part of
God and Its expression in us.

Any path to the new civilization on the Earth runs through our Souls.

Alexander Deyev