Our Soul is the same as the divine ‘ego’. When it comes to this
world for the first time, it joins the Soul of the Earth and
chooses the model of body it intends to be born in. If the Soul
is a student in our world, its entrance is random, if a teacher -
it selects carefully the parents and the place of birth.

There exist various genetic models of bodies on Earth. We
look similar, but we own diverse capabilities and potency
being manifested during our whole life. If the Soul incarnates
once again, the karma entanglement and dependency arises,
that gets stronger in any next existence. This is the tremendous
process of the attracting, drawing back the known, ‘familiar’
and left on the Earth souls.

Our Soul consists of thirteen energy bodies being displayed in
our world. Six subtle bodies, six astral ones and the physical
one. Each of them owns a particular kind of phenomenal
consciousness. That’s why we are not endowed with only the
mind (awareness), the subconscious mind and the overmind.
The more bodies we use while our living, the more conscious
minds superimpose on and make up, constitute our active

A Soul steps into a child’s body in the second month of the
embryo time, while the first cells of the heart are being
created. If it doesn’t come in, the situation results with a
miscarriage. Until the seventh month, the Soul determines
living at 15%, the last 85% depends on the Soul of the Earth.
Since the seventh month it heads up and rules our life at

During our whole life the Soul dwells in our subtle bodies. It
gets by from the first to the last body imposing, implementing
and guiding the tangible and visible transformations on us: on
our physical, mental and emotional life. When it enters the last
subtle body, it changes our life on the spiritual level.

Alexander Deyev