It started when I realized I could help others. And since then my life's already become a conscious journey, in the
concrete direction, with the precise purpose. I set out on this journey owning sth like doctor's bag, including
unusual 'tools' for work. These were extraordinary, unique Buddhist practices. I've collected them for years
during meetings and isolation events headed by best teachers derived from and grounded in the fifth school of
Tibetan Buddism BON.

There were some specific accessories in that bag: surgical instruments created using the practices of RED
GARUDA and PURBA. Depurative specificities coming from the practice of DORDŻ SEMPA. Unusual medicines
obtained during JESZE ŁALMO's and SIPE GYALMO's practices. Supplemental drip-bags as the effect of
SZIERAB CZIAMMA's acting. Vitamins by GODDESS of ELEMENTS. The phenomenon and the quality of all
those instruments and medicines lied in the abilities of using them and caring about them.

For many years of therapy I've frequently experienced the exceptional, amazing might and efficacy of them. I'm
exquisitely grateful to BUDDA WADŻRASATTWA for the aptitude of purifying the most difficult incidents and
stories of my life, to BUDDA AMITABHA - for the never-ending inspirations towards searching for the answers
and solutions in the most sophisticated situations. My greatest appreciation goes to the stable, firm, faithful,
extremely enlightened companion JESZE ŁALMO. His presence granted everything with meaning, gave it might,
power, peace, the confidence and the perseverance in my travel through life.

BON practices are universal utilities used in our entire Universe. Their emergence and occurence on the Earth
are often connected with the transmission of knowledge and learning of some unusual spiritual teachers, coming
from various nooks of the galaxy. And that's why their figures on Buddish ''tanks'' look so strange.

In my bag there's been also an extraordinary, exotic instrument for work with SOUL. It'd been used rarely at first,
but by and by it become the only, universal device which focused the qualities of any other ones. Since then
working together with SOULS has become the leading occupation in my life and so it will be.

I've kept for a long time on watching the work of some therapists who set off on the travel with healing and
teaching. Many of them own only empty bags, which they want to fill with fame, admiration, authority, money.

Alexander Deyev