Every human regains the contact with his Soul at some moment. It is often the last fifteen minutes before

We live completely unaware of having Souls. Early in childhood we lost contact with them under the influence of
schemes imposed upon us by 'authorities': family, school, friends. We insist on searching for eternal standards to
help us to become attractive, to arouse admiration. As years pass by we realize that we've reached nothing and
we've changed masks so habitually, we've forgotten how our real face looks like.

At this time we try to touch our true Ourselves; it is called the crisis of the middle age. Then we start feeling the
need to recover sth real inside, sth that hasn't changed for all these years, sth that is hidden under the masks of
playing, pretending, adapting. Sth what our Soul is.

When we come back to it after long years of absence, we can see how it really looks: it is exhausted, dirty, all in
scars of the former relations, losses, partings, filled up with pain, sadness, tears, longing and indifference. Then
we can see that the Soul has collected the whole pain of our life and it starves for help, just as we do. We come
to comprehending, everything we've done until now was in contrary to it, because we have not let it speak. Such
situations are ubiquitous in our life.

The pain of Soul is real, authentic, is strips us of the illusion, that everything is great, all right. Then we
can truly see the fruitlessness and the emptiness of our life, we start to realize our Soul needs help, and
maybe even healing wounds.

Caring for Soul lies in avoiding low vibrations and raising it up to higher levels, filling it up with light,
peace, joy. This will help us to avoid any Soul's abductions.

To take Soul's side and to support it is to accept one's Divinity. And no trust in the distant and
unavailable God is necessary for it. Only the experience, the sense of the Divinity in ourselves is needed.

Alexander Deyev