This is a difficult matter for any Soul; they talk about it pretty reluctantly. There are four reasons that decide on
the premature end of Soul's life. I'd like to tell you about it.

Every Soul is born in one of sources while the divine energy flows through the core of the source. Sources are
gifted to give birth to Souls when the Universe is young. When the Universe reaches the age of five billion years,
the process of birth gets sophisticated and slows down. Some Souls start being born with defects, what indicates
the expiry, the end of the process of birth.

While being born, every Soul has four permanent links with the source from which it comes, they always
supplement, renew its energy. When Souls arise with any defect, they own only three, two or even one link. The
fewer connections the Soul has, the less energy is provided to it from the source. Such a lack shortens the life
span of the Soul significantly and it is the main reason lowering the quality of life dramatically.

The second reason is the inception of the situation a Soul chooses living out of control and without its source's
leading, when it consciously breaks itself all the connections with its current source. It sentences itself to the
slow, painful process of dying. And if it had chosen this dour path, it would never be able to come back to the

The third reason appears, when such Souls, incited to rebel, experiencing the energy hunger because of having
themselves dissociated from the source, start to abduct other weaker Souls. They do enslave those ones for
thousands of years and use their energy. The Souls that got captivated slowly, as time goes by, lose the links
with their source, what may cause their death from starvation. The suffering of such a Soul is then tremendously
painful and long-lasting.

Natural cataclysms, that occassionally take place in our Universe, are the fourth reason. The clout, the force of
the explosions of supernovas or neutron stars destroys anything on its road. The amount of risks related to this is
really huge. Any Soul defines six kinds of unusual cataclysms in our Universe, which are the fatal threat for it.

These are the hugest problems that touch and impact our Souls.

Alexander Deyev