After almost thirty billions of its existence, the old Universe is dying. The process of extinguishing has lasted
since the last five billions of years. The universe is empty and cold. There has remained only one source from
the whole. The compete history of the disappearing Universe has been gathered in here. All sources have
conveyed the informations and the knowledge raised from all the journeys of Souls, that have visited sources
during the old Universe's existence.They have forwarded all the experiences, consciousness and wisdom to the
last highly-vibrating source. Exceptional, supreme knowledge, really unique wisdom and memories about all the
tiniest (even trifling) details of the dying Universe have been gathered here.

After the Universe's death there exists only this extraordinary source in the empty void. Filled in with billions of
unique Souls. This is the core, the root - the seed of the future Universe. About three billions of years the process
of creating and analyzing, scanning the energy record (of the evolution on all the layers and levels of the lapsed
Universe) has been continued underway. Based on this, an uniquely aspiring vision of the future, the
advancement of the new one, may be created. When the plan is 'approved', the miracle of birth arises.

There comes the next new Universe and all this starts again. And that phenomenal source has been itself the
beginning. It's been divided (at the very first moments of the birth) to billions of differently quavering sources,
giving life to the prospective energy structures and conformations of the new Universe.

After the next two billions of years, when the Universe gets cold, there will start the arising of new Souls at
sources. And the process will last non-stop for the next three billions of years. The newborn Souls enter the
world and establish first schools. Being the graduates, they start the infinite process of conceiving new
civilizations in different bodies, on various planets, in varied galaxies, in alternative spaces and dimensions. And
that's how it's run till now.

And that's what - in a nutshell - my Soul just told me about the beginning of our Universe.

Alexander Deyev