For many years now, I've been focusing on helping people regain the connection with their soul. I focus on empowering every human being who wants to be connected with the soul for good. I'm observing huge changes that get created in people after regaining this connection. Their lives change drastically. A person living in communion with their soul doesn't need any external teachers, advisors, tips, religions, and churches. A person who is connected with their Soul lives in harmony with themselves and in harmony with the universe. It's a person filled with joy, calm, and a sense of safety. They provide support for others, respect themselves and others, they don't call attention to other people's weaknesses, they see the beauty of this world every day, and they inspire beauty in every single way. I engage in activities supporting the beauty in other people and the world. A person who lives in harmony with their Soul understands the words of God (hears them every day), because their soul is transmitting God's words to them. When you are in alignment with your soul, you have found the best spiritual teacher, the best advisor in family matters, emotional matters, or financial matters. You can always count on your Soul when you're making big decision. A person who sees the purpose and reason for being on this Earth, sees where they are going, and understands the continuum of our lives. This is a person who sees our common goals and those things that makes us one. A person like this sees and implements the plan of their lives which was created together with the creation of the Soul, implements this plan, fulfills their lives with purpose, with a feeling of fulfillment, and full actualization. A person like this has a sense of major relief, happiness, and certainty of how the next life is going to look like. There is no fear of death. A person like this understands and accepts life to its fullest.