In order to truly appreciate the role which our soul plays, we must first understand the world we live in.

What I'm about to say might be a surprise but the world was not created out of nowhere. It was created millions of years ago for one reason ' to become a cradle of civilization. It wasn't the only world created this way. However, this world is our home. We are the eleventh big civilization that was created on this Earth. All previous civilization were created, existed, and died. This is a natural process called the 'matrix,' which is an artificial environment where civilizations get to grow. After every 'matrix,' after every cycle, the matrix is changed. It pertains to not only the third dimension, it also stretches into the fourth dimension. It covers many planes of existence which we experience when we die and come back again to this Earth. Every single civilization, when it reaches the pinnacle of its development, will move towards a path of self-destruction. We are at that point right now. When the end of civilization occurs, then the density of energy (the wave of life) that is concentrated inside every human being within a field of life, will start to become destructive in a way that the Universe will feel threatened. Our cradle of civilization was created in order to propagate peaceful civilizations throughout the Universe. There is no punishment from God. Our world ends, not when someone chooses, but when we, ourselves, create destructive energies that press the button that begins the end of the experiment. Our way of thinking is filled with aggressive energies of anger, pride, jealousy, lust ' and it's so destructive that it leads to the end of the experiment. Every civilization, when it reaches its limit, has to create a new and proper civilization. The experiment ends with introducing into the world a new plane of existence consisting of the best parts of the former civilization. This process has already started. We live in a world that is a cradle of the next civilization. The next civilization is being born. You might say that we are in the process of labor that will end with the creation of the new world in the new plane of the Fifth Dimension. The part of humanity (who are ready to transcend) is receiving something which I call 'internal software.'