When we connect with our soul, we live with it. Then we reach the moment of revelation when we understand what the soul expects from us. Those expectations are very transparent, clear, and simple.

  1. Accept your own perfection with all your imperfections. This means to turn your negatives into positives, to accept your uniqueness in this world, to stop fighting with yourself every day, and to stop changing yourself to satisfy others. In this life, we should appreciate ourselves the way we are. We don't have to change anything. We don't have to constantly adapt to the ebbs and flows of society. We must be true to ourselves in every single moment of our lives.
  2. Accept the perfection of the world with all its imperfections. When we accept ourselves, then the imperfection of others stops bothering us. The same is true with the world. When we accept its perfection, we stop focusing our attention on its imperfections. We begin to understand that everything has a reason for existence, that everything serves a purpose, and that everything leads to something. The world is an amazing testing ground for our growth, understanding, and our evolution. When we meet these two expectations, we will begin to see the possibility of a happy life in this world and in this body. This will allow us to be happy in all painful and tough circumstances that fill our world every day.
  3. Understand that the only possible path for your life is to' Accept the uniqueness of your soul. See within it the path leading to connecting with and understanding God, permanently and every single day.