In order to create a connection with Soul and develop a successful, life-long relationship, we have to meet three basic demands of the Soul that are very simple. 1) We must learn to empower ourselves in our own lives and choose what is good for us. It means we must see the value inside of us and know that we are a beings worthy of attention, love, joy, and prosperity. It means we must empower ourselves from within, even if other people are against us.

In order for this to happen, you must meet the second condition which is 2) Respect yourself. You have to see the value that you have in your own life, even when other people don't see it. You don't have to strive to get people's approval. The first thing you must do is to create an opinion about yourself in a healthy way. Do not focus on defects, mistakes, or weaknesses that you have. Focus on your own path -- your own unique, individual journey. Empowering yourself means to let yourself live your life your way. It's based on respecting yourself and your ability to think differently. It means to respect your own way of living and see the value inside you that you've had since the day you were born. We don't only have flaws. We also have merits (advantages). We have a balance between flaws and merits. Seeing value in ourselves allows us to stop taking the backseat to those people whose lives we model. Other people are not the only ones who deserve our respect -- we do too. This is what our Soul expects from us.

The third demand of Soul is 3) Love for yourself. Souls expect that this love will become a normal part of life. We are used to giving love away, directing it to other people, because we need the love to come reciprocally back to us. Unfortunately, it often doesn't work like that which is why we frequently feel an emotional hunger for love in our lives. Each and every one of us has experienced it ' striving for love from parents, partners, kids, friends, and acquaintances. We feel like we are dependent on them and we feel a huge emptiness when we don't feel the love back. Soul suggests that in order to satisfy that hunger, you must learn to give love to yourself. See yourself as a person full of love every day of your life. When we meet those 3 demands, Soul has no problem to begin talking to us. It needs us to empower ourselves, respect ourselves, and to love ourselves.

Our development is based on us 'touching' each our Soul ' a cooperation that will allow both us and Soul to grow in a correct way. Our cooperation is the miracle from which Soul was created. It is exactly 'Us touching Soul' that moves through the Universe. Our relationship with the Soul is what allows us to grow together with it. We are both dependent on one other-- completely (100%). In order to trust the Soul, we must understand the purpose of the conversation with the Soul, and the reason why we should communicate with it. The Soul is permanently connected to the Source from which it comes from and the Source is permanently connected to God. Soul represents the presence of God, wisdom and Consciousness of the Universe in our life. When we are connected with Soul, it is as if we are connected with the Internet of the Universe. We are able to get any information through the Soul ' any tip. The better our communication with our Soul, the deeper insight we have, not only in our own lives but also in the life of the Universe. The presence of the Soul is based on trusting it. It is a 'translator' of God's words. Only Soul sends our words to God. This trust gets created in the process of being connected to Soul. Soul has only one purpose -- to help us achieve a happy, balanced, healthy life right here in the place we are, in this society, with this family, in this country' Not any time' RIGHT NOW. It knows how to do it, how to achieve the internal balance on the level of the physical body, psychological and emotional level, financial level and the level of relationship with people. This trust grows over time. Slowly, we will allow it to play a sufficient role in our life. When we agree with it (with the Soul as our main advisor), we will choose it to be our main compass (I call it sometimes our internal GPS), which will allow us to go through life without problems, diseases, fear, or anxiety. Then, we will start to understand the rules of coexisting with it.

In order for the Soul to become our main guide, we must let go of all external guidance, spiritual teachers, books and teachings that have been leading us in a different direction ' to the outside. They talk about our imperfections and the need to change other people. Soul always says: 'You are perfect from the beginning to the end. See it inside of you. Find it inside of you. Learn to live with IT every day.' Soul wants to be our own guidance throughout the life. We don't need anybody else. It knows all about us -- every single thought, every single need. It knows our past incarnations, present and future ones too. It has the insight in all the changes that God created in our evolutionary development, because it guides us to achieving the goal, which is the permanent connection with God.

In order to follow Soul, we must have humility because that road is very different from the one we've been travelling far. The Soul's way is not similar to the way of ego or common sense. Humility is the toughest part of connecting with the Soul. When we think about trust, when we realize what is standing behind the Soul (that Soul represents the presence of God in our lives -- our private translator of God's words meant for us and our words directed to God), then our trust in the Soul will drastically grow. When we think about being guided by the Soul, then only the first steps we do under its influence is all we need. We will see immediate change which will support us in a positive way, we will make effective, balanced decisions, and we will feel good with these choices. This guidance will then become natural to us, without any problem. We will throw away everything that is external -- external advisors, schematics and widely accepted rules. We will begin to take the exact individual and unique paths that is right only for us. This will be our daily lives. However, humility is what we seem to avoid most. Humility means to accept everything that God gives us on our path and know that we must get through it in order to truly grow up. Usually these are not pleasant or nice things. We have the biggest chance to understand ourselves in challenging situations, when we must make tough decisions. Humility means getting through various changes in life, which in the beginning may seem very scary and might bring you unrest. When our behavior in alignment with our souls bothers people who are the closest to us, when our friends start to notice that we choose to live outside the box (rules), people will feel detached, because they don't understand what is guiding us. To most people, living by our own Soul's guidance is just bizarre or even abstract. A person following the guidance of Soul may become a 'freak' or a recluse, and may start to distant themselves from the group where they have always felt good. This the toughest moment on that path -- being true to yourself even with loss. We must trust our Soul even when the decisions we make are completely opposite of the decisions of our family, community, or coworkers. Then, we must patiently follow the Soul. In this case, humility is very important. We must trust the soul and trust the path which God chose for us. Soul guides us through that path, step by step, to a certain goal, which is a total fulfillment, health and balance (equilibrium/ equanimity). It is impossible to not achieve that goal when we follow Soul. Even though the road might be hard and rocky, we will have no doubts that decisions made in connection with our Soul are the correct ones and we will not be worried about whether or not we paid too much of a price for being ourselves in a society of people guided by Ego. We will just follow the Soul every day -- and every day we agree to change our lives, every day we listen to the voice of our heart, we get closer and closer to God. Being connected to God forever is our goal. This is our path.