Source is the 'thing' which our soul is attached to and from where our soul comes from. The Soul is created from the family of Souls.

Source is the collection of billions and billions of Souls. In every Source (and there are many of them), there is something like a spiritual map of our Universe on which (like stars in the sky) other Sources of energy sparkle. Those Sources are connected to GOD. GOD shows up through the Source. Every Source has a certain quality of God's energy at different vibrations.

Most Souls are created in low vibration Sources and during its evolutionary development, they move from Source to Source, changing from low vibrations to higher vibrations. This process is based on our development in conjunction with our Soul

Through us, working together with Soul, we help it to evolutionarily grow. It is thanks to us and our relationship to Soul that our Soul is able to connect itself (and us at the same time) to a new Source, and at that time, change the quality of our lives, the perception of the Universe, ourselves, people around us, God, our circumstances that we experience, and our understanding of the world we live in.

The purpose of each and every Soul is to move to a higher vibration with every incarnation. This path is stretched over billions of years and is based on our internal cooperation, communication, and collaborative pursuit we choose with our Soul.

The reason why Souls travel is to ultimately connect with all souls at the end of the existence of the Universe. Then, each and every Soul gets connected with each Source and each and all Sources connect with each other. Then, they exchange all the information collected over billions of years of existence in the Universe. This information is combined and summarized and based on that, an image of a new Universe is created. Every Soul is a co-creator of the beginning of the new Universe.