In order to understand what 'Soul' is, we must understand the most important thing ' Soul is not us ' It is a gift from God, given to us for billions of years to use. This the masterpiece of the universe. It's built out of thirty kinds of energy, which allows it to be useful for creatures from the highest dimensions (the most subtle) to the lowest vibrations and dimensions. There is the possibility of using the same Soul that is given to each and every creature in the universe, no matter what level of development the creature is at. It is designed as a way to help us go through the evolutionary development from the lowest vibration to the highest using the same Soul throughout. The Soul has forty levels of communication which allows our consciousness to communicate with it. Usually there is between two and twenty connections between our consciousness and the Soul. The more we use our Soul, the more connection we will have with it. Every level of communication allows our Soul to communicate on a different level and in a different way. Only one of those levels has a human voice so therefore we so rarely meet people who hear their soul. Our consciousness needs a lot time to connect with the soul in order to reach the level when our soul will be able to talk to us with a human voice. It is a constant process to develop and get in sync with our soul.

Soul is permanently connected with the chakra of the heart. Soul does not exist in a physical body but it is inside our plane of existence. In the beginning of our life, Soul exists in the closest layers or planes of existence. During the time of adolescence, Soul starts to drift away more and more and enters a different plane of existence. During this time, it experiences alternative ways of influencing us and changing our perception. So, we change over time. Our way of thinking changes, as well as our way of seeing other people, reality, and ourselves.

Soul doesn't draw energy from us. Soul draws energy from an external source. This source of power is one of many Sources. Soul belongs to a family of souls which are collected and combined into one Source. The Soul has four connections to the Source, which is constant and supplements all souls' needs. The evolutionary travel of Soul stretches across billions of years because that's how long the lifespan is.

I frequently repeat that Soul is given to us at the beginning of our universe until its end. A vast majority of Souls live and die in accordance to the lifespan of the universe. There's only a very small number of Souls who can outlive it. These are exceptional Souls which, during the travel across our universe connect with various creatures and collect exceptional, wonderful, perfect information related to knowledge or experience. They enrich the wisdom of the Universe. Usually 10% of Souls can survive. After every cycle of death and rebirth of the Universe (there has been 9 cycles and we are living in the 9th cycle), some Souls will survive.

The very first Souls emerged at the end of the 3rd Cycle/beginning of the 4th Cycle of the Universe. In other words, the universe needed an enormous amount of time in order to grow and even be able to create the first Soul (ie: the first model/ framework). Since that time, Souls have been created constantly. Every human being is a home for a Soul, which feels safe within our astral bodies. The problem begins when our astral bodies (because of certain changes in our lives ' mostly, emotional ones) start to become inadequate environments for our soul. That situation happens when our astral body becomes poisoned with the low frequency energies of anger, pride, jealousy, ignorance, desire, and fear. The more we have these emotions, the more negative are the circumstances for our Soul to exist in our astral bodies. If there are too many of these emotions, they force the Soul to leave the astral bodies. Souls that are outside of the astral body become an easy target, devoid of protection. It becomes a prime opportunity for the Soul to be kidnapped by various creatures who deem the Soul to be of great value. During this time, the soul can be dragged down to lower astral layers. When this happens, the Soul slowly loses its connection with its Source. The lower energetically it goes, there are less and less connections to the Source. At some point, 'energy starvation' occurs, which results in suffering and the emotional numbing of the Soul. When the Soul becomes lethargic, the harder it is to bring the soul back to us.

Soul cannot die. Its lifespan is limited only by the lifespan of the Universe. However, the quality of its life and the quality of the information it gathers, depends on the quality of communication between the Soul and its host. Every Soul has its own personality -- a story that it could tell us. That story has been created for many billions of years and many Universes. The Souls of some people are unique because they gathered knowledge, wisdom and memories from many previous Universes in which they existed.