Not sure if you're aware of this, but decisions that we make every day are based on communication with our internal advisors. Our life is dependent on the quality of those decisions. Even if we're not conscious of it, every day we make hundreds of decisions, and there's a hidden force that pushes us forward, pushing us to take specific steps, to speak specific words, and to think specific thoughts. It's important to know who our main advisor is, who directs our life, and who's got our back.

In most cases, the most important advisor in our life is the one that is the loudest, the noisiest, and the most demanding ' our Ego. It is ego that tells us, 'I want it!' 'I need it!' 'I must have it!' 'I can't live without it!' 'I have to own it.' 'I must have this person!' It's Ego that pushes us to get into relationships and change jobs. It wants us to shine more. It wants us to be appreciated and acknowledged. It wants us to be the center of attention. It wants to dominate our life. This is a very aggressive advisor that will lead us to conflicts, arguments, tensions, emotions, tears, break downs, depressions, fears, emotional wounds, jealousy, pride, anger, terror, and obsession. It leads us to very strong emotions. It amplifies those emotions and burns us out. When this advisor dominates, our life is very unpredictable. The more power we give to it, the harder it is get control over our lives.

The complete opposite of the first advisor is the second advisor -- Common Sense, or logical thinking. It tells us, 'I'm supposed to.' 'It's worth it.' 'It's profitable.' 'It makes sense to do this.' 'It follows the rules.' 'That's how I was raised.' 'I obey the rules.' It also sometimes feeds us an enormous amount of rules that tend to overwhelm us. These rules cause us to take every step in a very organized way attached to very specific limits like... 'I can't break this promise.' 'I can't break this rule.' 'I can't look bad in front my parents/ spouse /wife/ husband/ kids/co-workers/ employer.' This is the advisor which controls us all the time and forces us to be very stingy with our emotions as it tells us to 'Think!' 'Calculate!' 'Hustle!' 'Find the best solution!' This is the advisor who is the complete opposite of the Ego.

Ego is based on a complete lack of limit. Common Sense is based on limits -- a limit to your emotions, feelings and needs. There are people who are able to fuse these two advisors. However, in most cases, these two advisors are extremes and either the person is Ego and leaves their lives on the edge of emotions, or is very blocked, emotionally limited, and only wants to 'look good' and feel accepted appreciated, and safe. Both advisors have the same defect -- they are not able to give us BALANCE so that we feel amazing, happy, successful, healthy, and abundant. Few people who have figured out how to create a certain combination of these two advisors and maintain the delicate balance between them are able to achieve success.

There is also a third advisor that very few people know about, very few people meet, and very few people turn to. This advisor is our SOUL. When we make decisions based on its influence, everything is perfectly balanced and there is space for both emotions and common sense. The first advisor says, 'I want!' 'I need!' The second advisors says, 'It's worth it!' 'It's profitable!' 'This is how it should be done!' The third advisor says only one thing ' 'You MUST listen to the voice of your heart!' Many of us are terrified by the word, 'MUST.' We don't exactly understand or accept it. The first advisor is impulsive. The second advisor gives us ready-made rules which it has inherited from society, family, and education. Those rules are very rigid and guarantees a specific way of life. The voice of your SOUL is based on something completely different. It says, 'You must be yourself!' 'You must find your own, right path!' It is not connected with either with Ego or Common Sense. To be connected with your Soul means to be connected with God/ Consciousness of the Universe. This voice always says that you must follow the voice of your heart. In order to understand this advisor, you must follow it and you must understand what the 'Soul' really is.